You’re Going Ahead of Me


““But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?” Luke 6:46….

“You’re going ahead of me,” the Spirit of God essentially spoke to my heart.

I had just had a great idea. So I had plunged into writing one of my co-laborers to ask her a question so we could get started in the right direction. The right direction? My direction. What I thought was right. About my great idea. Which, I confess, wasn’t my idea in the first place. Someone had made a suggestion. I had begun to consider it. I had jumped into the possibility of pursuing it. And now the Lord had something to say about all this.

What had happened? I hadn’t sought the Lord. I hadn’t waited on the Lord. I hadn’t obeyed the Lord. How could I obey the Lord? As someone had recently reminded me, how can we obey the Lord when we don’t listen in the first place so we can know His will? Everything was out of order. I was out of order. I was hurrying ahead of the Lord. And the Lord was making plain and clear there was something I needed to do.

I needed to turn back around until I reached the place I belonged. At His feet. Seeking Him. Waiting on Him. Hearing Him. And not running off to do anything until I knew what the Lord wanted me to do. So I could do what I needed to do. Obey Him.

For those of us who call Jesus Christ Lord, and call ourselves believers, and followers, of Christ, we have no business doing what I was doing that day. I profess Jesus Christ as Lord, but I was playing lord of my own little life. Instead of remembering my little life is in His almighty hands, and I belong to Him.

JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. Not me! Not you! And when we find ourselves hurrying ahead of the Lord, doing things He clearly has not told us to do, and sensing He clearly wants us to be doing something else, or to simply wait on Him until He leads us to the next thing He wants us to do, we need to do what I had to do that day.

Return to Him. And let Him do what is His job to do. Nor yours. Not mine. HE IS LORD. His job is to be Lord. Our job is to surrender all to Him and to follow Him humbly and faithfully.

Friend, we’re here to believe in the Lord. We’re here to follow the Lord. Let’s remember to LET HIM LEAD!

Going ahead of Jesus?

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