You’re Being Watched


“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:1-2

I’m being watched. My ex-husband contacted me one day to tell me he was inspired by my devotedness to Christ. By my willingness to forsake all for Jesus. By my choosing to give up the comfortable and cozy to follow God and His will. He’s been watching me for years.

Seeing how God took a woman drowning in sin who couldn’t see past herself and has transformed me into the woman I am today. How God is teaching me to walk with Him. To live to love and glorify Him. How God forgives me each time I sin and repent, how He hasn’t given up on me, how He is ever refining me, how He is using me in the lives of others, how He is ever drawing me closer to Himself.

He sees how God is teaching me how to trust Him, how merciful God is when I fall short in my faith, and how God is teaching me how to love Him the way He desires and to love others the way He commands. He is watching God’s work in progress in me. He is watching me.

Like so many others are watching me. People who know I follow Jesus. People who look at me to see what this looks like. What it means to be a faithful follower of the Lord. They’re not just listening to my mouth. Or reading my words. They’re watching how I walk. How I live. Am I for real? Do I really believe in Jesus? Am I any different than the world at large? Do I stand out in any way? They’re watching me. I am being watched.

If you’re a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, so are you. Being watched. What do people see? Do they see devotedness? Faithfulness? Loyalty? Do they see faith? Trust? Love? Of God and others? Do they see sacrifice? Giving? Generosity? That you lay down your life for others? That you talk differently? And act differently? Than you once did? Than others who don’t believe in Jesus?

Do they see you go out of your way for others? Do they see a pure heart? Do they see someone who repents when you do wrong? Do they see someone who is humble? And repents when God shows you you’ve been prideful? Do they see you reading the Bible? Worshiping God with others in church or a Bible study or small group or house church?

Do they see you praising the Lord? Do they see someone sharing the Gospel message with others? Do they see you dying to self and living for Christ? Willing to give up what you desire when it’s not God’s will so instead you can do God’s will?

Do they see Christ in you? Christ through you? Do they see a man or woman of prayer? Do they see someone willing to forsake anything God wants you to give up? Do they see your choices are different than the average person’s? That your entertainment life is pure? That you don’t watch TV or see movies that dishonor God? That you listen to music that glorifies God? What do they see when they watch you?

I don’t know about you. But I know writing this, I am convicted. That there’s lots more refining to be done in my heart and life. Lots more transformation needed. Lots more growing in God’s image to be done. Lots more repenting needed as the Lord leads me. Lots more Bible study to come. Lots more learning to die to me and live for Jesus. Lots more learning what it really means to be a totally sold out Christ follower.

May the Lord use this message in your life and mine to open our hearts to His chastening, to His correction, to His conviction, and to lead us to yield ourselves utterly to Him and His ways. May the Lord through this message be glorified as He uses it I pray to refine you and me, to conform us to Himself, to grow us to be more and more like He is.

May the Lord work on us. May it all begin with repenting and believing in Christ as Lord who died on the cross to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead whereby we turn over our lives to God. May it all continue day by day, breath by breath, as the Lord finishes what He started in His followers. Transforming us into the men and women and children of God He created us to be. MAY THE LORD BE GLORIFIED! HALLELUJAH! AMEN!

And may those who watch us see Christ in us, and Christ through us, and be drawn by the Spirit of God to Himself as they are inspired by how we walk with the Lord. By how we follow Jesus. MAY THE LORD BE GLORIFIED, NOW AND FOREVER, AMEN!

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