You Choose, God!


What if you went through an entire 24-hour period turning absolutely everything over to the Lord whereby you would truly let God choose everything right down to where you go, what you do, what you say, how you live, with whom you spend time, where you work, what you do for recreation, how you dress, what you eat, what you read, what you look at, how you treat others, whom you help, how you spend your money, how you deal with stress, etc.?

Does this sound like a totally wild way of spending 24 hours of your life? That you would submit 24 hours of your life to the reign of God almighty? To the lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ? That you would live for 24 hours entirely for Jesus?

My friend, this is how we are to spend EVERY day of our lives! I was reminded of this as I walked and talked with the Lord one day and considered how just the day before He had told me where He is sending me as my next location out on the road full-time for Him and ministry. I’m the last person in the world whom I would have ever guessed would end up with a forever relationship with Jesus and who would travel from location to location around the United States doing streets ministry and writing, publishing, and distributing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books with a little crew of handicapped and senior rescued dogs in tow.

But as I thought of as I walked with the Lord that day, I have learned to live like this: “You choose, God!” In other words, I am to yield each and every day to Christ as God chooses where I live, what I do, where I go, to whom I speak, how I spend my time, absolutely everything. And I could not be more thrilled, excited, delighted, and humbled that I am called to live my life entirely for Christ who is forever Lord!

But this is not only how I am to live. It is how WE are to live. With the Spirit of God leading us. Christ’s followers aren’t to just believe in Jesus as Lord. We are to follow Him as Lord. We are to live for Him as Lord. We are to let God choose what He wants to do with us, in us, and through us.

For those of us who have repented and believe in Jesus as Lord and have been forgiven and promised everlasting life, we no longer belong to ourselves and to this wicked world. We belong to Jesus and are to live according to God’s plan and His purpose according to His ways led by His Spirit for His glory – a blessing, honor, and privilege beyond measure. To be totally His! Forever and ever, AMEN!

You choose, God!

May that be your heart’s cry – to love the Lord with all your heart, to love others as yourself, and to live for Jesus as His Spirit chooses the details of your life’s story and leads you forth for the ultimate and forever glory of God almighty in Christ, hallelujah, friend, AMEN!

You choose, God!

Be utterly His! Forevermore!

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