You a Pleasure Seeker?


“Whatever my eyes desired I did not keep from them.
I did not withhold my heart from any pleasure,
For my heart rejoiced in all my labor;
And this was my reward from all my labor.
Then I looked on all the works that my hands had done
And on the labor in which I had toiled;
And indeed all was vanity and grasping for the wind.
There was no profit under the sun.” Ecc. 2:10-11

If you think the life of a Christ follower is boring, and that God’s call to purity means a life of nothing more than drudgery and twiddling our thumbs while we wait for eternity in heaven with Him, and that He commands His followers to avoid any and all forms of pleasure at all costs otherwise we’ll be sinning against Him, you are wrong.

Jesus does NOT tell His followers to leave all pleasure behind, but we are undoubtedly to leave sinful pleasures behind AND we are not to make pleasure that is in fact godly a higher priority than Jesus. We are not to seek pleasure more than we seek Him. We are not to live for self; we are to live for Jesus. So pleasure has its place.

God has given us countless opportunities to enjoy our time on this earth in a way that brings Him honor, praise, and glory whereby we can enjoy pleasures that do not pull us away from Him and that do not keep us from His greatest commands to love Him with all our hearts and others as ourselves.

If you are seeking pleasure as your primary purpose in life, consider the verses above. What does King Solomon who had more earthly pleasures than we can possibly imagine say in retrospect of all that he had in the way of riches and pleasure?

Vanity. And all shall be gone.

Is earthly pleasure forever? No, the Lord Jesus Christ is forever. May any and all pleasure in our lives be godly pleasure that does not involve sin against God. And may there truly be no greater pleasure and purpose in our lives than to believe in and know and experience and enjoy the Lord Jesus Christ forevermore!

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