Will You Answer Her or Me?


“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,…” Proverbs 9:10

“Will you answer her or will you answer me?” the Spirit of God asked me.

Why would He ask me a question like that? To what was He referring? There I was going about my morning chores caring for the 5 special needs ministry dogs in our latest hotel room when the Lord saw fit to ask me this question. Why?

A loved one had just given me a strong opinion about something. Not that there was anything necessarily wrong with her opinion, but I faced a choice. Would I follow her strong opinion, her strong advice, or would I follow the Lord and obey Him in what He had already told me?

Would I fear her and how she had spoken to me and how she might react if I went against her counsel, or would I fear God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and obey the wisdom He had given me?

To whom would I answer? Would I seek to please my loved one so she would love me, approve of me, and be good to me, and to make her happy, etc., or seek to please and honor God almighty because He is forever Lord?

Throughout the Bible, God makes abundantly clear HE IS LORD and that we are TO OBEY GOD and REVERE AND HONOR HIM and LOVE AND WORSHIP HIM and FEAR HIM and seek TO PLEASE HIM and to BRING HIM JOY AND PLEASURE. We are not to live for self but to LIVE FOR CHRIST and to FEAR GOD not to fear man whereby we are not people pleasers but yearn and desire and strive to PLEASE THE LORD.

The Lord was reminding me that day TO FEAR HIM and not to worry or dwell on what others think of me but to LIVE TO LOVE JESUS above all and everything and everyone else.

May the Lord Jesus Christ be the Lord of our lives, Savior of our lives, redeemer of our lives, healer of our lives, comforter of our lives, director of our lives, master of our lives, friend of our lives, hope of our lives, love of our lives, number one in our lives, and the one for whom we live!

Fear the Lord, friend, fear Him! Live for Him! There is a cost to our flesh when we live for Christ. It can hurt to deny self and do what God desires. It can involve the loss of what we desire when we choose God’s desires instead. And we can lose the love and acceptance and approval of others when we choose to go the way of the Lord.

But there is nothing more beautiful and lovely and magnificent and wondrous than the Lord Jesus Christ and to believe in and belong to and faithfully lovingly humbly adoringly follow Christ forevermore, AMEN!

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