When Afraid…Wait

“Wait on the Lord;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the Lord!” Psalm 27:14
Here comes my confession. I might as well be up front with you right from the start. The hardest thing for me to do when I am afraid is to do exactly what this message is about. WAIT.

Some people become paralyzed with fear. They feel stuck. They can’t seem to move in one direction or another especially forward. Or they go ever so slowly forward with great trepidation while they cower all along the way desperately fearful of anything and everything as they make ever so slow progress forward.

Not me. Not usually anyway. I tend to go flying forward. Fear becomes my driving force. I tend to frantically flee every which way trying to figure out an answer, trying to work stuff out, trying to make things happen, trying to figure out what God may want, if I remember Him at all, as I scramble around trying to accomplish whatever I have allowed fear to make me think needs to get done – immediately mind you.

Know what we really need to do when we’re afraid? WAIT. Wait? Yes. Wait. WAIT ON THE LORD. In other words, TURN TO JESUS. Pour out our hearts to Jesus. Call on the name of Jesus. Purify our hearts before Jesus. Repent if we need to repent. Purge the fear from ourselves. And anything us ungodly in our hearts and lives. Cast the worry on the Lord. SEEK HIS FACE. SEEK HIS PRESENCE. SEEK HIS WILL. Dive into God’s Word, the Bible. Cry out to God! Ask Him for wisdom. FIND PEACE IN HIM. Put our trust in Christ. WAIT ON GOD. WAIT ON GOD. WAIT ON GOD. Until His Spirit in line with His Word tells us what to do next.

Now God might very well have us act IMMEDIATELY. Or very soon. Or He may want us to wait, and wait, and wait. The period of time between feeling afraid and taking action is UP TO THE LORD. The point is that when we’re afraid, we shouldn’t act based on our feelings of fear. We should TURN TO THE LORD and SEEK HIM and WAIT FOR HIM and HEAR HIM and OBEY HIM and GO FORWARD in HIS TIME according to HIS WILL with HIS STRENGTH for HIS GLORY!

If you’re struggling with fear right now, as I so often have and so often do, the answer for all of us is this.

TURN OUR ATTENTION TO JESUS. AND TO THE BIBLE. AND WE CAN REACH OUT TO FELLOW CHRIST FOLLOWERS, too, as we WAIT ON THE LORD. WAIT FOR GOD to lead us. Whether He leads us forward in the very next moment, or anytime afterward. Or even if He so desires that we simply stay in place until further notice.

When afraid…..WAIT…..ON JESUS! WAIT until the Spirit of God leads us forward!

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