Update & Prayer Request from Lara


I have now been in the Florida Panhandle for several weeks, settled in immediately, love it here, but confess I miss New York City terribly as far as the countless ministry opportunities I had there and the heart the Lord has given me for the people there.

It’s the off-season where I am, so it’s very slow and the ministry opportunities are very few and far between. A wonderful opportunity to get rest which the Lord has made abundantly clear I need lots of – and a wonderful opportunity to buckle down and press on in my writing and publishing work as I wait for the Lord to open doors and hearts for my streets ministry work in this region.

Still waiting to see if He leads me into the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Michael which are just about an hour or so from where He has planted me for the time being.


The 5 special needs ministry dogs with whom I travel and whom the Lord continually uses to introduce me to people to whom I am privileged to minister and pass out Gospel tracts are all doing very well right now by His grace alone, but I confess I have been feeling very burned out and exhausted from the extreme care they need in the way of their special needs-related issues, their medical issues, and their behavioral issues. Oh, how I LOVE my sweet beloved doggies!!! They’re just quite a bit of work…! But the Lord is faithful in providing what I need…!

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME IN THIS AREA AS OFTEN AS YOU ARE LED AS I WANT TO BE FULLY PLEASING TO THE LORD IN HOW I CARE FOR THEM and confess I fall terribly far short at times & am beyond description thankful for the Lord’s loving mercy, grace, and forgiveness as well as theirs! The Lord continually uses the dogs to teach me how to walk in His ways – giving me endless opportunities to learn how to walk in His love and learn to bear the fruits of His blessed Spirit.


I am THRILLED and HUMBLED and THANKFUL to share with you that the first edition of my new FREEDOM DEVOTIONAL magazine for PEOPLE IN PRISON has gone to my wonderful brother in the Lord who along with his church helps with much of the printing. I am SO EXCITED about this new project. The Lord is leading me to contact all female prisons nationwide to see if they would like to start receiving them at their respective institutions for the inmates.

This is an ENORMOUS project in the way of putting together a contact list and reaching out, and I am 100% sure it will take the power and grace of God to open the doors to send the magazines in. My Faithful Magazine devotional has been going to some prisons already, so this is simply another big step forward following the Lord’s leading! This magazine will be similar to other new magazines I will be publishing EXCEPT there will be some writing including a personal letter specifically geared to prisoners.

Financially, it looks impossible to proceed forth with such a big project given the printing and postage that will be needed, not to mention the volunteer help. But I am trusting the Lord since He is leading me that He will provide all that is needed. And I would GREATLY appreciate your prayers as well as any financial help you are led to give to the ministry for this as well as for the ministry as a whole!


I am equally excited to say the Lord is also leading me to begin a new publication specifically for the homeless for whom I have an enormous heart! Again, much of the contents may be the same as my other magazines with one exception. There will be a personal letter & encouragement and perhaps other writing specifically for the homeless. Much if not most of the content in both magazines is from my online Daily Inspiration!

After I put together the contact list for the prisons, which is a huge undertaking, I will need at the Lord’s leading to begin to put together contacts for the homeless shelters, missions, and ministries. I already have had tracts and my Faithful Magazine being sent to some shelters, but I believe the Lord is leading me forward to send the publications out farther and wider so to speak.

Again, physically and financially, especially given I am only one person with no staff and simply two precious friends who do some volunteer work, this looks totally impossible. To me it does anyway. Caring for 5 special needs dogs, leading this little international ministry, writing Daily Inspiration, putting together several magazines, and doing streets ministry, how much can a human do?

I can do ALL things the Lord gives me to do IN HIS STRENGTH with HIS PROVISION for HIS GLORY.


That said, again, I would exceedingly appreciate love, prayers, encouragement, and very much so financial help with all this! Monthly sponsors would be extra, extra appreciated given how the Lord is leading me forth!

Additionally, the Lord not long ago during a fast showed me He wants me to work on a series of pocket-sized Gospel tracts including the Gospel message and on certain themes. This is different than the devotional magazines which will be larger sized and only come out about 6 times a year.

I also have sensed for some time the Lord is calling me to my next book project.

Excited? Yes. Humbled? Yes. Tired? YES! Those of you who know me well know the hardest thing for me to do is to slow down, and that I have faced yucky consequences in the past from not doing so.

So I will need to be very careful to go day by day hour by hour moment by moment in the way of letting the Lord lead me as to the timing of this all – as well as to how often and for how long I need to REST (physically as well as learning to rest in my heart and my mind!!)


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to know many, many people are PRAYING for me not just once but absolutely as often as the Lord would lead you. Everything from safety to provision personally to for my current housing which is usually in hotels to my car which has about 246,000 miles on it to the writing and publishing to caring for the dogs to most importantly my personal relationship with Christ and my need for ongoing refining and growth as God conforms me to Himself, etc.

And as you are praying, please please please pray the Lord would send me much more physical help in the way of people to walk alongside me as well as much much more financial support as I press on in the Lord’s work.

Lastly in the way of prayer, please pray for all the people the Lord reaches through my heart and ministry – and for opportunities to do my streets ministry work wherever I am.

Love & blessings & thank you to all of you!!!!!!!!

His servant, His daughter


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