Update & Prayer Request from Lara


I am THRILLED to report that the Lord has taken me from being petrified of and greatly resistant toward making my next big move to the Florida Panhandle to being ready and willing and obedient and literally feeling settled in as soon as I arrived just eight days ago! Absolutely amazing! Only the Lord could have done this! I give Him ALL the glory!

Please understand I don’t know a single person in the entire Florida Panhandle area, I am 14.5 hours away from family and loved ones, 7.5 hours away from where I lived for about 15 years total and what I consider to be my “comfort zone”, it’s the holiday season when people gather with loved ones, it’s winter and relatively cold here as I’m very sensitive to cold and this is my least favorite season, and I could not be more EXCITED AND THANKFUL – and I’m truly ENJOYING day after day of being here!

I did not pick this part of the country. I did not pick the hotel. The Spirit of God led me here through much prayer, and His plan as always is perfect. The hotel staff is wonderful, the room is perfect for me and the dogs, I am very near the beach where I go for walks to spend time with the Lord praising and praying to Him and listening for His voice, I have had ministry opportunities at the hotel as well as some already elsewhere including at a small outdoor homeless church ministry, I am already writing my Daily Inspiration, and I totally love the area. Again, ALL glory to God.

I am centrally located whereby I am in a ready position for the Lord to send me to people in the city where I am but also have easy access to numerous other towns including one where Hurricane Michael hit enormously hard. I am waiting on Him to lead the way!

I am also so excited to share the Lord is leading me to continue my pocket-sized Faithful Magazine devotional for people around the country including homeless shelters and people on the streets and anywhere HE desires – and that He’s leading me to start a new bigger-sized magazine devotional for the prisons in various parts of the country that are on my distribution list.

He has also put it on my heart to contact women’s prisons nationwide to see if the chaplains would like to start receiving the publication for their institutions. I have several writing and publishing projects to keep me busy while continuing forth with the streets, telephone, and Internet ministry work I so love!

Meanwhile, the 5 special needs dogs in my care have settled in beautifully. By God’s grace and thanks to my wonderful long-term vet and his wife and staff, paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon whom I recently was concerned I might lose due to severe illness is doing astoundingly better. His massive horribly infected pressure sore on his elbow is just about back to normal, and he is “talking” up a storm which is a fabulous sign of his remarkably improved health.

On a personal note, the Lord is continuing to grow me – greatly. He is ever refining me as He conforms me to Himself. I continue to struggle daily with one thing or another, but have accepted this is part of my life’s story and that it is an incredible opportunity to draw ever closer to my beloved Jesus!

He is teaching me day by day to walk in His love, and I am sad to say I still fall so very far short at times including with the dogs. I thank the Lord for repentance and His unfathomable mercy, as well as for the forgiveness of people and my precious doggies when I fall short.

I am growing, growing, growing, with falls along the way. Oh, thank the Lord for His indescribable love and awesome forgiveness and that He doesn’t leave me the way that I am but is constantly growing me in His image!

How long will I be in the Florida Panhandle? As I have learned to answer people when they ask since I’ve been on the road for over 1.5 years now, for as short or as long as the Lord desires. I live day by day as best I can learning to die to self and to live for Jesus who is Lord forevermore!

If you are led to pray, I would greatly appreciate your prayers including for the following but most importantly as the Lord leads you to pray:

* Continued growth in my relationship with the Lord

* Safety & health & provision for me and my sweet dogs

* Wisdom, direction, strength, all that is needed that I love and serve the Lord in a way pleasing to Him

* My writing life

* Streets ministry

* All the lives worldwide the Lord reaches or will reach through my ministry work

* Servants of Christ to come walk alongside me in this ministry work however the Lord desires including with publishing and distribution

* Monthly sponsors & donations / financial support / BIG increase


Love for you in His most precious beloved everlasting name,


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