Update & Prayer Request from Lara


Lord willing, I am leaving with my beloved Lord, blessed Bible, laptop for writing for the Lord, sweet 5 special needs doggies, and our few belongings in my car with about 245,000 miles on it traveling from Bluffton, SC, where I have just spent three weeks following my 6 months in New York City headed for Wilmington, SC, where the Lord is sending me. This coming Sunday! November 11!

I have had three wonderful weeks in SC where I once lived for years doing a combination of spending time with the Lord, spending time with loved ones, and spending time ministering to people – with a little bit of rest mixed in. Admittedly, I did not get nearly as much rest as I have needed due to a combination of difficulty as usual slowing down along with the wonderful opportunities to share the Gospel and minister to people in need along with quite a bit of writing considering I had thought I might not even do any!

I believe the Lord has placed on my heart my next three locations being out on the road-full time for Him and ministry, and it is only by His grace in His love and strength for His glory that I have the courage and ability to go forth knowing just about nothing about the places He is sending me, the opportunities I will have there, and what His plans for me there are. What an adventure – of FAITH in the Lord Jesus Christ!

I continue to be blessed with numerous ministry opportunities at each hotel He sends me to along with countless opportunities in the towns and cities He sends me outside the hotels. I never could have dreamed up such a life myself nor would I have chosen this lifestyle. Not given my background of fear and brokenness and unbelief in Christ!

The Lord gets ALL the glory for transforming me from a woman with no hope for a future into a woman so on fire for Him and for telling the world about Him that I can’t imagine any other lifestyle now than being out on the road for Him full-time with endless opportunities to love, serve, worship, praise, honor, adore, revere, and glorify Him and to help build His Kingdom of forever followers!

Each new venture out on the road to the next stop with doggies in tow definitely brings up some worries, and He is truly teaching me to walk by faith through it all!

I am so very blessed that I also get to minister to people worldwide by telephone, email, text, and even mail given the Gospel tracts and Faithful devotional magazine I write and publish is sent out to homeless shelters, prisons, churches, ministries, individuals, a hospital, wherever the Lord desires around the country, while the Daily Inspiration goes out via Internet internationally.

I am continually meeting new people, and the Lord graciously and lovingly blesses me with allowing me to stay in touch with some, to get back in touch with others, and with still others simply to plant seeds as I pass briefly through their lives.

I also am so very blessed to minister to long-time friends and even family members, praise the Lord, and right now several of them face very tough medical trials along with other trials. The Lord has blessed me with a very big heart, so all of this can take a toll on me because I don’t consider what I do merely “work”. To me, it is a labor of love, and I pour my heart into my ministry work. And I love every single person I come across.

Undoubtedly, I could use prayer continually!

I could also use donations & monthly sponsors as there are definitely costs to being out on the road full-time along with doggy costs along with the cost of publishing the tracts and devotionals.

Feel free to get in touch if you’re ever led at 843-338-2219 or love@walkbyfaithministry.com, please feel free to pass along my contact info to anyone you are led to, and please keep the prayers coming the way of myself, the ministry, the doggies, and very much so the people around the world the Lord reaches through this ministry.

Some people say I’m special because of what I do. Not so! EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF GLORY GOES TO THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! May He get ALL THE PRAISE!

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