Three Must-Have’s


I was speaking with a dear friend over the telephone when three words came from my mouth unplanned, unexpected, and surely birthed by God within me.


I can’t recall exactly what I was saying to my friend, but clearly the gist of it was that these three ingredients are so very important in the life of a disciple of Christ. Three must have’s.

To be faithful to the Lord as He is to us. How vital. That we are loyal to Him and obedient to Him in our love for Him who loves us so much He died on the cross for us and was raised from the dead for us.

Trust. Trusting in who Jesus Christ is, Savior of the world, and Lord of the universe forevermore, and so very much more. Trust in God’s Word. Trust in His will for our lives. Trust in everything about the Lord. Trusting in Him forevermore.

Thankfulness. Being thankful. Having a thankful heart. Practicing thanksgiving. As a way of life. Not just once in a while. Not based on circumstances alone. But being thankful continually to the Lord.

Being faithful to the Lord. Trusting in Him. Being thankful to Him. Can you imagine what our everyday lives would look like, what our hearts would be filled with, how others would see Christ in us, how the Spirit of God would pour in and through us, if we really made it a practice to moment by moment consciously vigilantly decidedly live with all three? Must have’s, aren’t they?


A little but oh so powerful message, isn’t it? A message from God surely. How else would those three words have come together and gushed from my mouth.?By the Spirit of God, I believe. For He is the one who is teaching me to do just this.

To be faithful.
To trust in Him.
To be thankful.

Will you make this a practice for yourself? To live for Christ in this way? Faithfully. Trustingly. Thankfully. For the glory of God, yes, AMEN!

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