The Reason to Relax


“You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.” Isaiah 26:3

“This is the first time in a really long time I feel like I can relax,” I thought to myself.

I felt like I could mentally breathe fresh air like I hadn’t been able to do in some time. Like the chaos around me, and the chaos in my mind in response to it, was gone. At least temporarily. Whew. Sigh. Now I could unwind. And enjoy what? A few weeks? A few hours? A few minutes? This moment? Before the next round of life’s challenges. Most assuredly I could now take advantage of the little reprieve I was being given from life’s trials, but more than anything the Spirit of God placed this message on my heart.

The greatest, and most important, reason to relax is NOT that our circumstances are to our liking and pleasure, that our challenges go away or die down anyway, but that we RELAX IN CHRIST. That we REST IN JESUS. That we UNWIND IN THE LORD. How so? The more we trust in God, the more we trust in His Word, the more we believe He knows what is best, the more we have faith He is leading us who follow Him and providing for and protecting us and guiding us and comforting us and conforming us to Himself, the greater we can find we are RELAXED and RESTING and UNWINDING whether it be in the midst of our easiest and most wonderful times or right in the middle of our greatest trials, battles, and storms! Because we learn to RELAX IN JESUS!

Some of the most serene, joyful, relaxed, and spiritually and mentally rested people in the Bible were those going through some of the greatest trials of all time. Why? Because they PUT THEIR TRUST IN GOD. They PUT THEIR FAITH IN JESUS. THEY BELIEVED GOD’S WORDS. HIS WORD. HIS SCRIPTURES. Because no matter what they faced, they could RELAX and REST because THEIR TRUST WAS IN JESUS CHRIST WHO IS LORD FOREVER AND EVER. They didn’t just RELAX. They actually REJOICED!

Don’t believe me? Study the Bible. Diligently. Daily. Repent and believe in Christ as Lord who died on the cross to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead. Follow Him faithfully. Devote yourself utterly to Him. Spend time with God daily. Dive deep into God’s Word daily. Commune with Jesus. Cry out to Him. Pour out your heart to the Lord above. Pray to Him. Seek Him. Wait on Him. Listen for His voice. Obey Him. Praise God. Worship God.

Rest in Him! Rest in Him! Rest in Him! This message is for ALL of us. We are ALL to do this. Oh, how easy it is to sigh and take a deep breath and enjoy life and rejoice when our troubles go away even if just for a short season. How impossible it seems to relax when we face trials. But the Bible teaches us to set our eyes and hearts upon the Lord, to place our trust in Him, and to devotedly follow Him, resting in Him, believing in Him, that Jesus Christ is Lord, God in the flesh, and that He will reign forever, and that we who believe in Him as Lord, faithfully following Him, will be in His company forevermore, AMEN!

The number one reason to relax isn’t based on our circumstances. It’s based on THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, HALLELUJAH!

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