The Man Behind Me


“Trust in Him at all times, you people;” Psalm 62:8

I just days ago arrived in a city of over 100,000 people, so how could this possibly happen? One of the hotel staff members told me of a chaplain who visits the hotel where I am staying for this little season of my life on the road full-time for Jesus. She strongly recommended I contact him, and I called him shortly after her recommendation. No answer. I left him a message and didn’t hear back.

Several hours later, I felt strongly compelled by the Lord to visit a certain church in the city for the mid-week evening service. I arrived early. When I sat down in the pew, the people behind me gave me a warm welcome. The man who sat with his wife turned out to be the chaplain whom the hotel worker had recommended I reach out to. The man who had not called me back. The Lord apparently had decided a face to face meeting would be best.

How could something like this in a city of over 100,000 happen? The Lord. The Lord who has a plan and purpose in all that He does, doesn’t He? The Lord who introduces people when He desires for the purpose He desires. The Lord who is sovereign. The Lord, Creator of the universe. The Lord who is Lord forever. The Lord who will rule and reign forevermore. The Lord to whom this earth belongs. The Lord who sees all people at all times. The Lord who is all powerful and all knowing. The magnificent, holy, righteous, amazing, awesome, phenomenal, beautiful, lovely, majestic, glorious, splendorous, indescribably wonderful Lord, forever Lord, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Jesus who is Christ, Lord everlastingly!

I have spent so very much of my life trying to orchestrate my life on my own – all to no avail. Now I strive day by day to yield myself utterly to Christ and to let the Spirit of God do the orchestrating. How the Lord orchestrated my meeting the man behind me – the chaplain – is something only the Lord could have done.

Not just His way of introducing us, but also His way of reminding me – and you – that the best thing we can ever do in our lives is to believe in Christ as Lord, to follow Christ as Lord, to trust in Christ as Lord, to live for Christ as Lord, and to let the Spirit of God do the leading and orchestrating. After all, He is LORD – forever and ever, AMEN!

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