The Man at My Door


“But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.” 2 Cor. 3:18

If there’s anything I can’t stand when it comes to my front door in New York City, it’s that the buzzer drives the dogs crazy which drives me nuts which means I’m not always the friendliest person when I go hurrying out my door, down the hallway, and peer through the window of the apartment building front door to see who’s waiting for me.  I wasn’t exactly Miss Friendly when this happened one day and I discovered a company DESPITE MY REQUEST ONCE AGAIN TO PLEASE NOT RING MY BUZZER BUT CONTACT THE BUILDING SUPERINTENDENT had sent a worker AGAIN to do the SAME THING the company was supposed to do MONTHS AGO which the company STILL HAD NOT DONE. Ugh. Growl. Grump. Grit teeth. Try to be friendly. Well, sort of. Not too successful. Yikes. Guess what happened.

We ended up talking about the Lord Jesus Christ. And I ended up telling him I had been at my computer writing a devotional about the Lord Jesus Christ being NUMBER ONE – preeminent – IN OUR LIVES. We ended up having a wonderful conversation, and I was able to encourage him with something and had the opportunity to give him some of my writing and a Bible.

But the man at my door wasn’t just an opportunity God gave me to talk to someone about Jesus. It was also an opportunity He gave me to be reminded we need to reflect the Christ we are telling the world about!

We can spend endless time telling people about the Lord Jesus Christ, and encouraging them, and praying for them, and helping them with the Bible, and supporting them in growing in their relationships with God. But WE ALSO NEED TO LIVE AND LOVE AND ACT AND TALK LIKE FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST. We need to walk the talk. Not just talk the walk.

Right in the middle of writing a devotional about Christ, I had flown into a flurry and frenzy of unwholesome thoughts and words. We who follow Jesus are called to tell the world about JESUS and encourage people in believing in and following Him, but we are also called to love and act like Jesus. Model Jesus. Be conformed to His image. Reflect Him. Shine His light. Show His love. Give and forgive. Be generous. Be kind. Be patient. Confront in love. Sacrifice. Go out of our way. Be merciful. Compassionate. Comfort. Point people to Him with our words – and with our very hearts and lives!

I got a convicting reminder from the Spirit of God that day through the man at my front door. Is the reminder also for you?



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