As of April 2017, I have gone out on the road full-time for the Lord and ministry as an evangelist and writer doing streets ministry with a very special little group of handicapped and senior rescued dogs whom the Lord continues to use to grow me in His image, to introduce me to people to whom I am blessed to share the Gospel and to minister, to keep me company, and who in the process of it all are thoroughly enjoying their miraculous lives.

After 20 years of dog rescue, and after nearly 7 years of having a sanctuary-style setting for up to 19 dogs at a time at my home, I stopped taking in new dogs about 4 years ago and have as my highest priority to love and worship the Lord and to fulfill my life’s calling to help people to find and follow the Lord Jesus Christ – and by His grace in His strength with His provision to care for the last of the sweet dogs with whom He has entrusted me.

Here are a few photos of these very special dogs.

Paralyzed dogs Mr. Simeon (about 9 or 10 years old now) and Miss Mercy (7 years old now) both hit by cars years ago separately before being sent to Walk by Faith Ministry but clearly meant to be loving siblings.
simeon mercy washington monumentsimeon mercy beach nice photome mercy simeon beach september 2015 for polly 3 - SMALLER

lara dogs move in day nyc lara's big move

15-year-old dancing dog DANCER found on a short chain without food or water

dancer - dancing december 2014

dancer katrina dressed up

14-year-old Abigail who was “traded” for another dog when a friend many years ago felt she would be a better fit for me and vice versa with the other sweet dog. I ended up with both! Abigail has a bone spur in her pelvic area.

abigail 1 hurricane

abigail couch

Gracie who is now about 7 was dumped at a gas station, hit by 2 cars on the same day, refused to be rescued for 6 weeks so her broken bone was set in place by the time she was rescued. She walks funny and is super shy but thoroughly enjoys her life particularly being the little sister to Abigail

gracie heart on bed

gracie looking sweet

Senior loving Glory, the sweet little black dog curled up with paralyzed Mr. Simeon, had both of her eyes removed after years of eye issues. She was taken to a shelter years ago with a litter of dead pups, severely emaciated, with heartworm, chewed up in lice, missing hair, two cherry eyes, an infection, and so sick she could barely walk for weeks. She has always had a “favorite” dog. Her first favorite tragically passed away, and now Mr. Simeon is her snuggle buddy.

I am sad to share the bittersweet news that I lost my sweet beloved Glory in the fall of 2017 as she was diagnosed with cancer after I went out on the road full time for the Lord and ministry. Bittersweet because the Lord blessed me with her for so many years, and because He gave her a truly miraculous life, and so very sad because of the great loss. 

glory simeon cuddled

gracie glory like winnie glory