Sometimes It’s Too Soon


“To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:” Ecc. 3:1

Even as about a year or so ago I was driving to a place I had so very much thought God was sending me for ministry work, the Spirit of God spoke emphatically to my heart that He was NOT sending me to that city. There I was, right in the midst of it. I had driven about 1.5 hours to get there, left my dogs in a hotel room which I could only do for a certain period of time, knew I would likely face a good bit of traffic, and now all I could think was that I had wasted my time driving there only to be told by God He didn’t want me to do any ministry work in that city.

I left. With the assumption God had told me I would never go back there for ministry work. What I didn’t know then was what would God would do down the road. In time. His time. And the message that would come with how He would one day lead me. The Lord has recently made clear to me that that city He had told me He didn’t want me ministering in is the very city He will be sending me to as one of my next major stops out on the road full-time for Him and ministry. Imagine my surprise. What I hadn’t considered back then, to the best of my recollection anyway, is that God not only has His will. He has His timing. It’s not that God hadn’t wanted me to go there ever. It’s that I had gone too soon.

And sometimes that’s exactly what we do. Sometimes the Lord shows us something not for now, but for the future. And sometimes we go rushing ahead. Before He has prepared us. Before He has set everything in place. Before it’s His perfect time. God has spent much time since then using me as His little vessel in a number of places. Not just using me. But growing me. Changing me. Refining me. Teaching me. Preparing me. Molding me. Purifying me. Conforming me to Himself. Knowing all along He would bring me back to that very place – in His good time.

Don’t just seek God’s will. Seek God’s time. And be obedient in both. In fulfilling His will. When it’s time. Don’t go forward too soon. Go when the Lord leads you. Go in His His time. Go for His glory. Yes, go for the Lord. In due time. His will. His time. His glory. All for the Lord, yes!


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