Should You Stay?


“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13

“Once again the enemy is trying to move you out of a place I’ve brought you to,” the Spirit of God spoke to my heart.

Why would He tell me this? Because once again within just a few days of arriving at my next destination out on the road full-time for my ministry work, I was having all sorts of feelings and thoughts. Discomfort. Insecurity. Worry. Wondering. Restlessness. Questions. Like why? Why here? Why this? What about somewhere else? Maybe I should leave. Thoughts, thoughts. Feelings, feelings. Then the Holy Spirit.

Reminding me. Not to be moved out of position. To stay where He clearly had led me to be. Each and every time this had happened before, the results were always the same. When I yielded to Christ and refused to react to the thoughts and feelings, choosing to stay where God had sent me rather than run somewhere comfortable, easy, where my flesh wanted to be, etc., the Lord had not only confirmed I was where He wanted me to be. He had done beautiful after beautiful work through my heart and ministry – beyond anything I could imagine. HE had done it. For HIS glory. Not me. Not my glory. HIS.

And what had it taken on my part? Yielding to Jesus. Resisting the enemy. Satan, yes. The devil who had each time tried to get me out of position so I wouldn’t be of maximum use to the Lord. Resisting the thoughts, the feelings, the questions. TRUSTING GOD. To lead me. To guide me. To provide for me. To care for me. To use me to glorify His name. To reach people for Christ. To proclaim Him to people wherever the Lord saw fit to send me.

My friend, sometimes the hardest places for us to be are right where the Lord has sent us – whether geographically, situationally, whether regarding our circumstances, relationships, jobs, opportunities, physical places, wherever, whatever, whatever HE DESIRES for HIS GLORY. And those places, friend, are EXACTLY where we need to be WHEN IT IS THE WILL OF THE LORD.

We must not run away from where God has sent us in response to the devil’s sickening tactics nor in response to our flesh which may cry out that we should go elsewhere.

Christ’s followers are to follow Him, to go where His Spirit sends us to do what He sends us there to do in His strength in His love for His glory.

If you’re thinking of leaving exactly where you know the Lord has sent you, and you are clear this is the time He wants you there, don’t go. Don’t leave. Don’t run. Stay for as long as the Lord desires to do what the Lord desires for the glory of almighty God. He will give you the strength to do His will. He will provide what you need to follow Him. He will care for you in the midst of the struggle of it all. So long as you yield to Him and live according to His ways.

Trust the Lord when He sends you somewhere. Let Him lead you. Deny self which wants to run fast and furiously elsewhere. Live for Christ.

I know you sent me here.
I trust you sent me here.
Please keep me here.
For as long as you desire.
All for your glory.
My flesh wants to run, Father.
To a place of comfort and ease.
But here I am where you sent me Lord.
Help me to stay.
And to live while I am here for your glory until you send me to the next destination.
Be with me here.
Protect and guide me.
Love and help me.
Help me to love and glorify you, oh Father, AMEN!

A little while later, the Spirit of God spoke to me again.

“I have brought you here for a purpose. Stay.”

Indeed I will. Because Jesus Christ is LORD. And I am His.

What about you? Will you stay where the Lord has sent you to do what He has sent you to do until He leads you to your next destination? Please stay for Jesus. Abide in Him. Be where He wants you. Trusting in Him. Living for Him. Forevermore. AMEN!

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