Praying Away Worry


“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

If anyone was born to worry, I was. In actual fact, none of us was born to worry. We were born to love, worship, praise, serve, and glorify God forever. This we can only do when we repent of our sins and believe Christ died on the cross for us and was raised from the dead followed by a lifelong lifestyle of living for Christ according to God’s ways instead of for ourselves according to the world’s ways.

But some of us before believing in Christ and even after believing in Christ are prone to worry, and I am certainly a record breaker in this. Trouble is the Lord makes abundantly clear worry, fear, doubt, and unbelief are sins, and we need to repent of them and learn to live by faith as we place our trust moment by moment in Christ as Lord and live led by God’s Spirit according to His amazing Word, the Bible.

What do you believe is the number one cure for worry? Is it not trust in Christ and prayer? Surely if we pray for God to help us and strengthen us and guide us and direct us and rescue us and heal us and a zillion other things, the worry will go away and we can live happily ever after, right? Praying to God for ourselves when we worry can absolutely be a life-saver, but is it the Lord’s desire that we be consumed with ourselves and never look past me, me, and me, and my worries, my worries, and my worries? Undoubtedly not!

One day the Lord placed these words upon my heart.

Praying away worry.

Why? So I could pray to Him about me and my worries? No, I think not. He wanted me to see something I had missed for so very long. EVERY SINGLE TIME I WORRY, I have a prayer opportunity! Here are some examples.

* When I worry about a sick friend, I can replace my time worrying with praying for my friend.

* When I worry about moving to a new location, I can pray for the Lord’s direction and that He prepares me and the people I will meet for me to minister to them.

* When I worry about a friend addicted to drugs and what will happen to my friend, I can pray for that friend instead of worrying.

* When I worry about what someone thinks about me, I can pray for that person and pray to God that the Lord continues to refine me and help me to be the best friend I can be.

* When I worry about a big storm coming, I can pray for all the people who may be affected, that the Lord sends help for after the storm, and that He gives me opportunities in the midst of the storm as well as afterward to minister to others.

* When I worry about finances, I can spend that time instead praying about people who are truly poor and unable to pay for food and shelter and medical care, etc.

* When I worry about people I love dying, instead of worrying about them dying I can pray to see how the Lord might want to use me to share the Gospel with them to ensure they will go to heaven, to show them the love of Christ so that if they’ve heard the Gospel message they see the love of Christ rather than simply hear the message, and to help them in any way He desires, or simply to entrust them to Him.

We can try to pray away worry simply by asking God to take our worries from us, but then aren’t we consumed with nothing more than ourselves?

What if we go forth from this point on looking at our worries as opportunities to pray to the Lord for others and to see how the Lord might desire to refine us and prepare us and to use us to bring glory to His name and to love and encourage and help and support a world in dire need of His love and mercy?

Got some worries? Please pray. Spend your energy loving and praying for others instead of spending your time worrying. Spend your time seeking the Lord and His Word to see how you can live and breathe moment by moment to glorify God and to love and bless in His name a world in need.

May our worries be opportunities for us to deny self, to live for Christ, and to pray for the needs of people worldwide that they, too, may live and breathe to bring God glory and to pray for still others in need of His love and redemption, AMEN!

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