Praise, Proclaiming, & Paralyzed Dogs


“Let my mouth be filled with Your praise
And with Your glory all the day.” Psalm 71:8

On an extremely regular basis sometimes almost every day as I walk my two wheelchair paralyzed dogs people give me praise. Oh, how I once would have longed for and craved and taken great delight in such positive attention and wonderful accolades. But my answer is always the same. The words may vary, but the message is loud and clear.

“I give ALL THE GLORY to the Lord!” I exclaim. “He gets ALL THE CREDIT.” I oftentimes don’t stop there. “He gives me the strength to care for them. I am a mess without them.” Sometimes I say even more. “I mess up all the time. I lose my patience. I lose my temper. He gives me His mercy. He forgives me.” I make abundantly clear that THE LORD is responsible for everything good in and through me whether it be with the dogs or with anything else in my life.

People can’t seem to stop exclaiming what “an angel” I am and how wonderful I am and all sorts of things because of the paralyzed and other dogs in my care sometimes coupled with the ministry work I do on the streets and via writing. My response never changes. THE LORD GETS ALL THE GLORY!

Please be careful my friend. Pride is an abomination to God (Proverbs 16:5). He despises it. He desires humility. He doesn’t want His children to be seeking praise for themselves. He wants His children praising Him who is worthy of ALL the praise.

There is nothing wrong with saying thank you when someone says something kind to us, but we mustn’t dare to take the praise, honor, and glory that belongs to Jesus.

The woman who once desired praise for herself now thrives on every opportunity I am given to tell the world about the glory of the Lord – right down to the love, mercy, grace, strength, stamina, and provision He gives me to care for my sweet wheelchair dogs.

Let’s not miss our opportunities to proclaim Christ to the world, and to give THE LORD the PRAISE HONOR AND GLORY that belongs to HIM!

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