The Phone that Wouldn’t Charge


“And when He had sent the multitudes away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. Now when evening came, He was alone there.” Matthew 14:23

Some cell phones don’t charge because they’re broken. Others don’t charge because the charger is broken. Still others don’t charge because they’re fine and the chargers are fine but the outlet isn’t working so it’s not giving out any power to charge the phone. But then there’s the cell phone that doesn’t charge despite the fact the outlet works beautifully, the charger works perfectly, and the phone is perfectly capable of being charged. So what’s the matter with this particular phone?

I looked down at the outlet beside me in my hotel room one day and saw the charger was perfectly plugged into the outlet. Only trouble was the phone wasn’t connected to the charger.

Know what that reminds me of? How weary, down, downtrodden, discouraged, frustrated, worn out, exhausted, off-track, sin-ridden, broken, messed up, worried, etc. we can become when we’re not spending time regularly with the Lord in His Word AND when even when we are doing that we’re not continually throughout the day and night staying connected to the Lord in the way of praying to Him, listening to Him, thinking about His Word, living by His Word, and reaching out to our fellow Christ followers.

The outlet had the power. The charger was working perfectly well. But the phone wasn’t getting the power it needed to recharge because it wasn’t hooked up. Sometimes we by our rebellion or we by our neglect or we by our forgetfulness or we by our distraction don’t get hooked up to the Lord and His Word the way we must be to live the way the Lord created us to live – in His love, by His grace, in His strength, for His purpose, for His glory.

When I realized my phone needed charging, and that everything was all set up but that I needed to plug the phone into the charger that was already in the outlet, I did what I knew I needed to do. I plugged the charger into the phone so that everything would be in good working order. So that my phone would be properly charged.

Perhaps you and I need this reminder right now that we must make our very highest priority in life the Lord Jesus Christ – and be sure to be connected to the Lord and His Word in dedicated alone time with Him daily as well as throughout the day and night as we go through our lives and to His Body of fellow followers.

In the verse above, Jesus stepped away from the crowds and spent time alone with the Father, God almighty in heaven. May we do the very same each and every day! And throughout our everyday lives, may we stay connected to the Lord Jesus Christ. For the glory of God, AMEN!

Need the reminder? I most assuredly do.

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