Paralyzed Dog’s Cries for Mommy!


Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.” 1 John 5:14-15

Okay, so paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon doesn’t exactly cry for Mommy. He definitely doesn’t bark for Mommy. Nor really whine. Mr. Simeon talks to Mommy. Loudly. And sometimes even more loudly. Sometimes he talks so much for so long it’s a wonder he has a voice left. Sometimes Mommy has to use bark collars because Mr. Simeon talks so much left to his own devices that he drives Mommy crazy not to mention has been known to give himself laryngitis. Mr. Simeon loves to talk. And get attention. And tell Mommy what he wants – NOW.

He’s so well versed at having Mommy wrapped around his paw, so to speak, that he will actually lick his chops to tell Mommy when he’s thirsty. He will even talk and use facial expressions with people when we stop on a walk to talk to them to tell them to tell Mommy let’s get going Mr. Simeon wants to get back to walking. So Mr. Simeon is, well, one might say, understating the fact, loved beyond measure and spoiled beyond description. And a talker. A really really big one at that. Which is how the following happened one day.

“Simeon knows how to let Mommy know what he needs and wants,” I told the other 4 ministry special needs dogs who are my traveling companions as I’m on the road full time for the Lord and ministry. Mr. Simeon was up to his usual antics. Telling Mommy what he wanted. NOW.

“There’s a difference between needs and wants,” I told the dogs as though they would understand me. Almost as soon as I had spoken, the Lord brought to mind my childhood. My Dad telling us kids there is a difference between wants and needs. And Mom trying to teach us to be thankful. They didn’t believe in the Lord, but they were teaching us values.

We’re not kids, you and I, but I believe there’s a message in this for you and me. For some of us big people, i.e. adults, have some growing up to do. Me at the top of the list!

The message? To not be demanding with God, but to humbly ask in prayer for what we need and desire and to trust Him to respond according to His perfect will for us and to be thankful to Him no matter His response.

Ever found yourself having a temper tantrum because God didn’t answer your prayers the way you wanted? Or been angry at Him and distanced yourself from Him or turned away from Him entirely because you didn’t get what you asked Him for? Or found yourself wallowing in self-pity because He chose to say no to your wants but yes to your needs? Or found yourself being prideful and demanding with God as though you knew what’s best for you in fact that you knew better than God, etc.? I have!

God is the perfect Father and provider to His children, and He ALWAYS knows what’s best. Let’s trust Him, friend, to be who He is. Perfect, glorious, almighty, sovereign, all powerful, all knowing, forever Lord! And let’s remember, no matter what, to be THANKFUL. For Jesus Christ is Lord – forevermore!

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