Not the Woman I Was


Who was that? I spoke the words aloud in astonishment after leaving a voice mail for someone. Immediately a thought followed. Not the woman I was.

I was shocked when I considered the message I had left. Loving. Kind. Gentle. Respectful. Patient. Forgiving. Merciful. Grace. His. The Lord’s. Not mine. His, yes. So incredibly different than the woman I was. And still can be when I’m not careful. The woman I am less and less now. As the Lord changes me.

It was as though someone had taken me over. Redesigned me. Reconstructed me. Remade me. Made me new. A new woman. Yes, a woman in Christ. A woman of God. For I have surrendered my life utterly to Christ. And Christ has utterly taken me over. And the Spirit of Christ is conforming me day by day to Himself.

My mind is being continually renewed by studying the Bible. And the Spirit of God is continually transforming me into the woman of God He created me to be. Sometimes it’s hard to even recognize the woman I am today. His servant. His daughter. Made in the image of God. Less and less the woman I was.

We are spiritually reborn with a clean slate when we turn from our sins to faith in Christ as Lord who died for us and was raised from the dead. Thus begins the lifelong journey of submitting our lives continually to Jesus and the Bible and being changed by Him day by day into the men and women of God He created us to be!

Is your life being transformed by the Spirit of God through studying the Bible? Surrender yourself wholeheartedly to God and the Bible and watch Him as He turns you into the man or woman of Christ He created you to be!


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