No Way God!


“Blessed is every one who fears the Lord,
Who walks in His ways.” Psalm 128:1

“Teach me to do Your will,
For You are my God;” Psalm 143:10

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” 1 Cor. 15:58

I was sitting sorta sideways on the edge of my little bed a good bit of which believe it or not I use for shelving or storage working at my laptop minding my own business when the Spirit of God brought something to my attention. Something He wanted me to do in my ministry work. Something big. Something scary. Something significant. In my human eyes anyway.

It must have been less than a minute before I regained my composure and came out of my mini shock and said something totally profound. Well, not exactly.


But in less than another minute, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I humbled myself before the Lord and in the deep of my heart yielded to Him utterly. I knew I would do what He was calling me to do – with no resistance, no debate, no arguing, no complaining.

And I would obey Him not only because HE IS LORD which of course is the number one reason to obey the Lord but because I love Him more than anything or anyone in the universe.

I could have rebelled and said no. I could have resisted and debated a long while before making a decision one way or the other. But the Lord has taught me what obedience looks like.

Obedience to Jesus doesn’t say NO WAY. Obedience to Jesus doesn’t say NO at all. Obedience to God borne of love for God says this:


Please don’t rebel against Christ. When God gives you something to do, LOVE THE LORD. TRUST THE LORD. OBEY THE LORD. For Christ’s sake, say YES LORD YES!

Because HE IS LORD! And because YOU LOVE THE LORD more than anything or anyone in the universe. We should in fact so love the Lord above all else that no matter what our flesh says and thinks and feels regarding something God gives us to do, we answer Him heartily and humbly not with NO WAY GOD! but with this.


Got it?

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