Need Help?

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My greatest blessing on this earth is my salvation through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as Lord that results in the phenomenal personal relationship I have with the Lord God almighty and the promise of spending eternity with Him, combined with my passion to love and serve Him with all my heart, and my second greatest blessing is to love others with His love and to share the Gospel and minister His love to anyone in need He places in my path – whether the person be near or far away, whether the person be someone with whom I cross paths for just minutes or perhaps for years to come. My desire above all else to love and glorify God with every ounce of my heart and to help people to become and remain forever followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Given my decades-long struggles with countless challenges, I of all people know what it is like to need help. I also know what it is like to receive help. Much of the help I received through the years was temporal; it was fleeting and did not stick. I am very thankful for the help I received and for those who gave it to me, and am grateful for their loving hearts as I know they meant well. I believe God used some if not all of them, and the help I received, to preserve me for long enough that I would live long enough to discover what I needed all along and what was above all else – to be taken into His everlasting arms and brought into through a life devoted to Christ a forever relationship with Him.

It was not until I found the Lord and committed to follow Him, and until I was willing to receive help from people who intimately knew the Lord and could help me develop my faith in and relationship with Him that I truly began to grow and change, and to come to the other side of my challenges and to begin to live the life I was truly created to live. I still have hard trials and challenges, sometimes seemingly relentless, but this time around I know how to go through them with a heart filled with love, peace, joy, and trust in God almighty through Christ. I have at last come to see the truth that nothing and nobody in the universe is more important, precious, and beautiful than the Lord God almighty, Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit, and nothing more important than living in total devotion to Him with the highest desire to love, honor, adore, glorify, revere, worship, praise, and serve Him forevermore as Lord.

And nothing is more important when it comes to receiving help than believing in and following Jesus as Lord, spending time with God in intimate fellowship with Him, seeking His face, praying, studying His Word and learning to live by it, listening for His voice which is always in line with His Word, and humbling oneself before Him breath by breath in adoration and obedience, receiving His love, mercy, grace, comfort, strength, provision, wisdom, discernment, hope, teaching, direction, and help every step of the way. That said, part of the Lord’s provision is men and women of faith to walk alongside us to help us to believe in and follow Christ, to help us understand God’s Word and to apply it to our lives, and to love, pray, and encourage us as we learn to walk with the Lord and follow Him forever. The help I received for years that was temporal was fleeting simply because despite the fact it came from loving people who meant well, it was not help from above, it was not help from the Lord through a relationship with Him, and it was not through followers of the Lord Jesus Christ who could help me devote my life to Him.


It is my blessing, then, and my privilege and honor, when I have the opportunity to cross paths with someone in need of love, prayers, encouragement, and help, to offer them the help I missed in those years. Help from someone whose life’s mission is to point and help lead people to Him, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, forever God!

Please do not hesitate if you are ever led to reach out to me by telephone or email or to arrange a meeting if you live in or are passing through the coastal South Carolina area, and I would be very grateful should the Lord see fit to use me in any way whatsoever to share His love with you and to help point you in the right direction to receive the help you need. To Him!

You can reach me at 843-338-2219 or via

I look forward to hearing from you.