My New Destination


“and He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again.”

New destinations.  I have just arrived at one. Yesterday. After a 7.5-hour drive. To a place I have never been. A place where I know nobody. In the holiday season. The season in which people try to be around families. And friends. And the familiar. The comfortable. The cozy.

But instead I’m at a new destination. Maybe you think I’m here all by myself. I’m not. I’m here with the one who sent me. The Lord Jesus Christ. Savior of the world. Lord of all. Lord forever. The one who sent me to this new destination to tell more people about Him and to help people believe in and forever faithfully follow Him.

There are two things we can do when we arrive at new destinations.

We can live for self.

Or we can die to self and live for Christ.

I called a friend shortly before I arrived at this new destination. Hours and hours of driving in the middle of nowhere. Two gas stations in probably hours of driving. What if the town He was sending me was naked of people? If I would be isolated for months? If I would have barely anything to do? And anyone to talk to about Jesus. I could so easily turn around. And go back to from whence I had come. A familiar place. Comfortable. Easy. Feeling safe and secure. With people I love. People I know. Or I could press on. Into new territory. New territory for Christ. For my precious Jesus.

The answer was easy. Hard on the flesh, but easy to answer the question. Which way would I go? Back to the familiar and that which would greatly please my flesh? Or forward where the Spirit of God was leading me. For the glory of God.

Jesus died on the cross to pay my sin penalty and was raised from the dead so that through repentance and faith in Him, with my life devoted to Him, I am given everlasting life. Forever with Jesus. He bought me with His shed blood. He gave me the promise of heaven instead of hell and the lake of fire.

Isn’t the least I could do to live for the one who died for me?  Is that not what the Bible instructs us to do?

My new destination is like a blank slate. A slate for Christ. That He would place His vision upon it, His will upon it, His hope and dream and desire for me on it. That I would live for Him in this new destination He has given me.

So here I am. Waiting for Him to lead me forth. All for the glory of God.

Have you arrived at a new destination? One where the Lord has sent you? Geographically? Emotionally? Spiritually? A new relationship? New job? New house? New ministry work? New volunteer job? New school? New church? New anything at all? Or, do you sense the Lord desires to lead you to one – but that you have been holding back on moving forward?

May your new destination be a blank slate for Christ. May you yield yourself utterly to Jesus. May you be sold out to Him. On fire for Him. Totally surrendered to Him. Willing to die to yourself and to your own fleshly desires. That you live for Jesus. The one who died for the sin penalty of the world and rose from the dead so all who repent and believe in Him as Lord, believing He died for us and was raised back to life, turning from a lifestyle of sin to God and His ways, are forgiven by God and given everlasting life.

Isn’t the least you can do in return to live for the one who died for you and was raised from the dead?

May your new destination be an opportunity to demonstrate to the Lord your love in return for His unfathomable love and to live to bring Him love, honor, pleasure, joy, praise, worship, and glory forevermore! AMEN!

p.s. Turns out my new destination is very well populated. With countless people I don’t know. A strange town filled with strangers. Filled with opportunities to talk to people about Jesus. Filled with the greatest opportunity we will ever have on this earth no matter our new destination. To live and breathe to love and glorify God forever and to tell the world about Him!

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