The Miracle Flower Story


I am blessed beyond measure with a large concrete terrace outside my little New York City apartment. It makes life a lot easier given I have five handicapped and senior rescued dogs in my care. The terrace means I can take them on walks sometimes and other times simply let them out back. There’s nothing in the least fancy about the terrace, and the only flower pots out there were left by previous tenants or found somewhere or given to me. Like the one God used to bring this message to mind.

The last thing in the world I have time or care for are flower pots, dirt, planting, and waiting for flowers to arise. So when I saw dirt in the flower pot when I moved into the apartment, I could have cared less. For months, nothing whatsoever about the flower pot caught my eye or made any difference to me. Obviously some sort of plant had died in it some time in the past. Now it was nothing more than barren.

Until one day I looked over at the flower pot and noticed a big flower of all things! Not just a little bit of green. But a long, tall stem with a big white flower at the top! Would you believe I had never noticed any growth at all? I had just assumed the whole pot pointless. Purposeless. Without a mission. With any potential for anything at all. Just old. Dead. Gone. Dirt. Dirty. Until the Lord decided to give me a little lesson – and reminder – about this.

God can bring forth life and growth and miracles anytime He desires from total barrenness. He can bring life from death. He can bring growth where there is nothing. He can bring purpose to the purposeless. He can make the pointless totally significant. He can bring beauty from ugliness. He can even make a beautiful flower grow out of a totally untended pot of dirt someone left behind and likely never considered again.

Friend, some of us get so discouraged with ourselves. Frustrated with our lives. Down and disheartened over our failures. Upset about our seeming lack of potential and purpose. Disgusted with the messes we have made. Tired of the dirt. We look at ourselves like nothing more than pots filled with old dirt that seems to be nothing more than pointless.

But when we believe in Christ as Lord, truly turning our lives over to Him, and choose to put our trust in Him, and yield ourselves to Him, and dig into His Word and study it and learn to live by it, and turn our attention to Jesus, the Spirit of God can do anything He desires in and through us!

I have faced more discouragement in my life than you can possibly imagine, even right up until this very day. Sometimes I feel like nothing more than a pile of dirt in an old pot somebody left behind. Wandering around so frustrated with myself, so weighed down by the trials of life. But friend, I have long since learned no matter how I feel, to place myself in the Lord’s hands. And to trust He can do anything with me. Even something beautiful. Yes He can! With me, and with you. Just like with the miracle flower He brought forth from a pot that was left behind and forgotten, He can do something miraculous and significant and beautiful and lovely with us when He so chooses when our heart and lives are surrendered to Him. For HIS GLORY.

Place yourself in His hands, and yield yourself entirely to Him! FOR HIS GLORY. And don’t be surprised if one day you see something miraculous and significant and beautiful and lovely the Lord God almighty through Christ has brought forth in and through you. FOR HIS GLORY! AMEN!

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