Ministry Doggy Update


It was right amidst what would become about 20 years of dog rescue work that I found myself wandering into people’s yards in search of stray dogs and trying to talk to people about the dogs only to find I would talk to them about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Little did I know I had evangelism in my very bones and that the Lord would call me into full-time ministry and one day send me out on the road full-time to do streets ministry and write, publish, and distribute Gospel tracts and a devotional magazine – with 5 handicapped and senior rescued dogs along for the ride!

Dogs whom He uses constantly to introduce me to people to talk to about Him! And dogs whom He uses to refine me as I care for them and whom He uses to keep me company as I move from location to location. And dogs who get to have lives they would likely not otherwise have had given their backgrounds and the likelihood they would have been euthanized. ALL FOR HIS GLORY!

Yesterday I had the exceeding blessing after being out on the road for 1.5 years of while I am in the Hilton Head, SC, area for just a few weeks of taking all 5 dogs to their long-time veterinarian Dr. Hennessey at Plantation Hospital on Hilton Head – a vet and his wife Lynnette whom I have known and loved dearly for many, many years.

Though the dogs have had vet care at local vets as needed while I have been in different locations, I could not have been more thankful to give big hugs to Dr. Hennessey and Lynnette and a staff member and to ask him to give super thorough exams and anything necessary to the dogs.

Graciously, Dr. Hennessey and his wife supervise the dogs’ care long distance by phone, photo, and video, whereby they can advise me, consult on any care local vets do, and help me with decision making. And, thankfully, Dr. Hennessey over the years has trained me in a good bit of their care which is so very important with special needs dogs and given the cost of their ever needs.

A brief recap. All 5 dogs are doing beautifully!

* Paralyzed Mr. Simeon (about 9 or 10) hit by a car years ago whom I almost lost before beginning out on the road is healthier than he’s ever been!

* Paralyzed Miss Mercy (7) hit by a car years ago who several years ago was exceedingly close to death has no issues beyond the usual recurring UTI’s typical of paralyzed dogs and is happy and healthy!

* Slightly disabled Gracie (about 7) hit by 2 cars on the same day years ago after being dumped at a gas station has no issues other than her usual funny way of walking due to the broken bone she sustained when hit by the car.

* 14-year-old Abigail who came into my life when her owner did not feel she was a good fit for her despite early stage kidney disease and a sometimes bit of a back issue is on no medication and doing splendidly!

* 15-year-old Dancer found on a short chain or tie-out without food or water years ago despite seeming to be fairly close to death not long ago is managing to enjoy his life despite various challenges and is doing wonderfully well after being taken off a medication that ultimately was likely doing more harm than good.

Due to aggression at the vet’s, Dancer will be sedated next week so Dr. Hennessey can do a really thorough exam and any necessary procedures to see where he stands with his health including with possibly fading eyesight, a recent bout with what appeared per a local vet to be anal saculitis, and a mass on the side of his body that doesn’t appear to be causing any discomfort and may well be a fatty benign tumor.

Feel free to keep the ministry doggies and their caretaker Mommy in your prayers, and donations for the doggies & the ministry as a whole are always very welcome!

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