Love from India


“By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”” John 13:35

I was feeling discouraged about me, my relationship with the Lord, my ministry work, life in general, you name it, I was feeling it. I was utterly exhausted, and more than likely the discouragement was borne out of battle fatigue – so many years of so many spiritual and emotional battles. I wish I could say I never get discouraged. Honestly? I get discouraged pretty regularly. Seems to be one of the devil’s biggest tactics in my life in his ever effort to shut me and my ministry down.

Victory, of course, is in Jesus, and in His love, in belief in and fellowship with Him, in rest, trust, hope, patience, perseverance, in the living waters of His Spirit living in His followers, in His Word we can feed off of continually. And in being connected to others who believe in Him and love Him – like a sweet woman He sent one day from far, far away.

A woman in India who reads my writing who had written me a few short emails in the past decided to write again. It must have taken her less than five minutes to write the email and send it. Her message was simple. She was essentially thanking me for my writing, encouraging me with it, and she told me she loves me. I had tears in my eyes when I saw it.

If five minutes out of our whole lives can be used to show Christ’s love to and to help, encourage, and bless someone zillions of miles away, can you imagine what would happen if we all used the 24 hours given us each day to truly love the Lord with all our hearts and others as ourselves as He commands us?

This woman made the smallest of sacrifices to reach out to me as she did. But look how God took that little sacrifice and blessed me immeasurably. That’s what God can do with five minutes of love and sacrifice.

What if you and I purposed it in our hearts each and every day to surrender all to the Lord and to be humbly and diligently willing to be used by the Lord to love and encourage and help and support and bless others in His name?

Please spend your time wisely. Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, whoever you are, please yield yourself continually and utterly to Jesus so His Spirit may use you to share His love far and wide, not for our sake, but for Christ’s sake!

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