Lara’s Safe Arrival & Update


By God’s grace, I left Bluffton, SC, yesterday and arrived safely at my next location out on the road full-time for the Lord & ministry – Wilmington, NC. The drive was only about 5 hours compared with the 15 hour two-day drive from New York City to SC just three weeks ago after my 6 months in NYC. That said, I am EXHAUSTED from being on the road year-round with countless ministry opportunities along the way coupled with my usual not slowing down too well.

As unbelievably excited as I am to get started in my ministry work for my season in Wilmington, NC, and to jump back into my Daily Inspiration writing along with publishing the tracts & Faithful Magazine devotional not to mention writing the book the Lord has placed on my heart, I NEED REST.

The Lord blessed me with a wonderful hotel in Bluffton, SC, resulting in my actually feeling SAD when I left because I had truly grown to love the staff as is usually the case when I stay in hotels.

I confess I was nervous when I arrived at the new hotel due to a short-lived incident here, but have learned being on the road and given the state of this world wherever we are that bad stuff happens and that we simply need to do our best to be in the Lord’s will where He wants us to do what He has called us to do trusting Him to lead us and to watch over us.

That said, I feel truly blessed by God concerning the hotel to which He has sent me. And the 5 special needs dogs with whom I travel have settled in PERFECTLY in under 24 hours. The place truly is a blessing, and I can’t wait to get started with my ministry work.

The Lord has already given me my next two locations. And I am thankful beyond measure for my relationship with Him and for my calling to be on the road for Him as I press on in streets ministry and writing and publishing for Him. And I still am in awe that He took someone as broken and hopeless as I was and brought me to this place of living and breathing 24-7 to love and worship and serve Him and to proclaim Him to the world and to help people find and forever follow Him!

If you wonder why I stay in hotels so much of the time rather than get an RV as I had once thought I might or stay in short-term apartments as I did stay in an apartment for 6 months in New York City, it’s because I continually seek the Lord and do as He desires where He desires according to His plan for His purpose for His glory.

And never in a million years when He sent me to my first hotel in Virginia outside Washington, DC, for what I thought would be a few weeks which turned out to be almost a year that He had such an incredible plan with these hotels.

For each time He has sent me to a hotel, He has opened wide the door to hand out Gospel tracts and devotionals, to minister to people, to share the Gospel with people, to pray for people, to encourage people to have and to move forward in a relationship with Christ, etc – both hotel guests as well as hotel staff!

So the hotels have turned out to be places of ministry with wide varieties of people as well as on-the-road locations I can stay in temporarily until He moves me to the next location – and then the next one! And in each town or city, the hotels are just part of the opportunity I am given. I am blessed by being given opportunity after opportunity within the towns and cities themselves to minister to people.

Financially, rather than have a home set in one place, and rather than have an office for my ministry, and rather than have a place for the special needs ministry dogs in my care, and rather than have the usual issues of electric bills and Internet bills and drugstore items like toilet paper and tissue paper and then dealing with fix-it people and big bills when stuff gets broken, each time I am at a hotel, I can focus on the Lord and ministry and keep things simple and minimal concerning housing-related issues.

Thankfully, though I do not receive a salary from the ministry despite being devoted to the Lord and ministry 24-7, the Lord blesses me through the ministry and donations with providing for the hotels / housing & phone bill and whatever is used for the purpose of loving and glorifying Him and ministry.

For those who wonder about my budget, let’s just say I try to keep spending to a minimum. Aside from food and drugstore items and a sometimes trip to the thrift shop, along with a once in a while little blessing, for the most part I don’t live the typical American life in that I don’t have a social and entertainment and vacation life and the accompanying bills.

I usually cut my own hair, am blessed with hand me down clothes and gifts, still drive my car with about 245,000 miles on it, dress and live very simply, have possessions that take up almost no more space than my car with the dogs in it also, and try as best possible to minimize my spending to maximize my availability for the Lord and ministry work.

All of this said, as the ministry grows, as I go to more and more locations as the Spirit of God leads me, as more and more tracts and devotionals are distributed nationally and Daily Inspiration is sent out internationally, I am exceedingly thankful beyond measure to those who are led to donate both one-time donations and also very much so those who are led to donate monthly.

I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for helping me to fulfill my life’s calling for Jesus! And those of you who donate specifically for the care of the dogs – three hit by cars, 2 paralyzed, 1 slightly disabled, and 2 very old dogs with special needs – how thankful I am to you also!!!!

The savings account I keep thanks to the sale of my little house I use as little as possible – for food and emergency needs, etc. And, as best I can, I keep it available for the Lord’s will – whether that ultimately be an RV, or whatever He desires that would help me continue to live day in and day out to glorify Him and to help this world know about Him and how to believe in Him and how to faithfully and devotedly follow Him day by day, step by step, breath by breath!

I am astounded at the number of opportunities I have just about daily to minister to people. The Lord orchestrates it all, and I hope to share some of these encounters with you along the way as I press forward in my Daily Inspiration writing.

In the meantime, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your continued love, encouragement, prayers, and donations – all of which I pray in the name of Jesus He will lead you and others to continue as I move forth in the will of the Lord in the love and mercy and strength of the Lord for the glory of God almighty who is Jesus Christ who shall reign forever and ever, forevermore, AMEN!

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