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Hi everyone,

Lord willing I am leaving Wilmington, NC, tomorrow, Sunday, and headed back to the Hilton Head area, SC, for a short stay. Following that, I am headed for the Florida Panhandle for a season where I will be located just outside one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Michael. I only passed through the area while driving once years ago and otherwise have no experience in that area and do not know anyone.

I am going by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and trusting God to provide all that I need to love and serve Him and share the Gospel and help people to believe in and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ while there – in an area simply devastated by the hurricane whereby many are living in tents and an enormous amount of people are still reeling from the storm.

Following my season there, Lord willing, I will be headed to Florida’s east coast to love and serve the Lord in an area filled with young people partying, tourists soaking up the sun, and the elderly in their twilight years. I am deeply excited about the prospect of serving there as well as in the first area!

Next, I believe the Lord is sending me back to the Virginia area where I believe I will be serving among the Appalachian people for a season and then perhaps if it’s His will visiting with loved ones in Virginia outside DC.

I live my live day by day seeking and following the Lord as best I can and trusting He will correct me when I am not hearing correctly and lead me and provide for me when I am hearing correctly as far as locations are concerned and what He has for me in each location to do.

I confess I came to NC several weeks ago with the expectation I would serve in ministry as I ordinarily do. I discovered, however, the Lord led me here to rest (which I got little of!), to write, to seek Him, to spend time in His presence with the Word, to be refined, to prepare for the big move to Florida, and, as I ultimately realized, to be tested.

It has been a very difficult few weeks filled with one hard issue after another. I have felt the entire time like I am in a dark cloud surrounded by evil. Not because of the people around me, but because I believe the Lord in His testing allowed me to be ferociously attacked and tempted by the devil.

The Lord brought to mind two main stories in the Bible to help me see what He was doing in my time here. First, He led me to the story of Jonah the prophet who ended up in the belly of a whale because of his disobedience when God sent him out to preach the message of repentance to a mass number of people. Only when Jonah repented did God give him another opportunity to go. Jonah went and preached, and countless people were saved.

The Lord showed me I was in the belly of the whale in North Carolina not because I was unwilling to go to my next big stop Florida, but because IN MY HEART I was resisting Him. Filled with fear, dread, with listening to the voice of the devil trying to stop me instead of listening to God’s voice and trusting Him.

Ultimately, I repented. I am not totally fear-free. The fear comes in waves, but I am resolved this time around to fight the spiritual battle laid before me and to go in the strength of God. By faith in Jesus! For the glory of God!

Next, the Lord showed me the story of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness. Jesus was led by the Spirit of God into the wilderness. Not by the devil. God the Father led Him there! To be tried! Tested! Tempted! And Jesus had victory USING SCRIPTURES. In God almighty’s strength!

I have been in a total spiritual wilderness in NC. Thanksgiving day I was utterly on my own. Every other day also. I felt closed in by darkness all around. The enemy continually attacking, over and again. The Lord showed me I FAILED THE TEST. In His almighty fatherly love, He brought conviction and led me to repentance.

He showed me I had stayed in the flesh rather than fight in the spirit. I had trusted in me instead of in God. I had not used the Word of God as my sword as in Ephesians 6 nor used the shield of faith also in Ephesians 6. And I had failed miserably.

But the Lord had mercy upon me and led me to repentance not only for that, but for the extreme anger and the exhaustion I experienced from how I handled the testing. I am so very thankful for His awesome mercy!

Was it not just days ago I wrote a devotional asking the Lord to change me into the woman of God He wants me to be? Yes! He is changing me! Growing can be oh so very hard! But the Lord is so glorious, and victory in every battle is in Jesus! The love of my life!

I wish I could tell you I am bright eyed and cheery today. I am pretty wiped out, but excited deep inside my heart to move on from this place of refining and testing to where He is calling me next.

Today, as I planned to pack up the car, it is pouring rain and grey outside. A perfect summary to my two very difficult weeks here. My joy must be in Jesus. The only joy that lasts forever. The joy of Christ.

I could very much use your continued prayers as often and as much as the Lord leads you. I am living my life upstream. Going against the tide. Living contrary to the American Dream. Willing to forsake all for Jesus. Following my Lord instead of the world. Dying to self daily.

Knowing full well I can turn at any moment and run back to the world and go chasing after money and comfort and security and men and relationships and alcohol and entertainment and climbing the corporate ladder and success and dreamy vacations and personal dreams and all the rest of it.

I am not here to judge anyone for how he or she chooses to live. I only know the Lord has called me to leave it all behind, and, despite the challenges of living full-time on the road for Him on a baby budget with 5 special needs doggies in tow and a car with 245,000 miles on it, going places where I know nobody, choosing to be single for Christ because He has chosen this for me, trying not to use emergency savings as much as I can avoid it, I am more blessed than imaginable.

Why? Because I belong to Jesus. Christ. Lord. Forever! And there is nothing more glorious than Jesus and being with Him everlastingly! And having the amazing humbling privilege of spending the rest of my life telling the world about Him, how to believe in Him, and how to forever faithfully devotedly follow Him!

Unfortunately, I have had two sick doggies on this short trip. Gracie seems to be doing better but needs to be checked. Paralyzed Mr. Simeon has been quite sick. With a massive pressure sore on his elbow and a mass attached to it that is either the pressure sore or something worse.

He had a very high fever, an infection, and great pain and depression. I treated him as I have been trained and took him to a local vet only to find after an hours long wait the entire practice is not able to address his issue. Not all vets have experience with paralyzed dogs and their usual issues.

That said, I am taking him to my beloved long-time vet and his wife both of whom who have blessed me beyond measure through the years and who oversee the dogs’ care long distance via phone, photo, video, and test results sent from local vets offices I used as needed. He will get treated there, and I will get trained in how to address this problem should it occur again.

Friends, I am in enormous need of much more monthly sponsorship support along with one-time donations. As much as the one-time donations are such an incredible blessing, the monthly sponsors are so exceedingly appreciated because of the help they give in an ongoing way. I don’t usually do traditional fundraising and do my very best to put my trust in the Lord. That said, I do occasionally let people know when there is a need. There is a need now, and I would be so thankful if you might be led to help – and even if you might be led to share with others you know, your churches, ministries, anyone you are led to share with in the way of people or groups who might like to sow into this ministry!

Thank you for your love, encouragement, prayers, and financial support.

With love in the Lord Jesus Christ,


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In April 2017, led by the Spirit of God, I went out on the road full-time for the Lord & ministry as an evangelist and writer doing streets ministry with 6 special needs & senior rescued dogs in tow. In April 2018, I moved with my 5 remaining sweet dogs after having lost one beloved one into New York City for the next stop in my travels for the Lord. Please stay tuned or get in touch for updates!
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