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Co-founders Lara Love & her beloved dog Red. You can see & read Red’s Story HERE.

Lara Love & Walk by Faith Ministry

Walk by Faith Ministry is the little ministry with which the Lord has entrusted me (Lara Love) in my life’s calling as an evangelist and writer whose mission is to help people to find and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ through evangelism, streets ministry, and writing and publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, FAITHFUL mini-magazine, and books.

Please continue down this page to read my personal story, to learn about the ministry’s history and beginnings, and to read about what I am doing now. And I hope you will check out the rest of this website and consider signing up for my Daily Inspiration by e-mail; contacting me if you could use love, help, hope, encouragement, and support; learning about my Gospel tracts, devotionals, FAITHFUL Magazine, and books that are available for individuals or for distribution via churches, ministries, individuals, in prisons, to the homeless, etc.; and meeting the ministry’s sweet very special dogs in my care.


Walk by Faith Ministry isn’t the most ordinary ministry, not especially considering it was co-founded by a 100% Jewish woman in yet another season of utter decades-long brokenness who grew up in a Jewish family that didn’t believe in God and who neglected her childhood dog and considering it was co-founded through an indescribably downtrodden, near-death dog who helped save the life of a suicidal homeless man. The ministry was birthed through the heart-wrenching testimony of a HOMELESS MAN, A HOMELESS DOG (my beloved co-founder RED pictured above), A BROKEN WOMAN (me), an AWESOME GOD, and a WORLD IN NEED. Please CLICK HERE to read and see the video of this beautiful testimony called “Red’s Story.”

The Ministry’s Beginnings

As hard as the founding of this little ministry may be to believe, I can attest that it is utterly true. For I am that woman, and the road I have taken, and the experiences I have had, and the calling God has given me, and the ministry He has placed in my heart and hands, and the breathtakingly beautiful and amazingly intimate relationship I have with God today that manifests in my heart being filled with indescribable love, peace, joy, hope, and freedom despite ongoing extremely challenging circumstances, and the relentless, unstoppable passion I have to love and serve the Lord with all my heart, proclaim the Gospel to the world, and help people to find and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ, are a true story only the Lord Himself could have written for His glory alone!

Lara Love

I am a 50-year-old, 100% Jewish, believer in and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ who dedicates my life 24-7 to loving, serving, worshiping, praising, honoring, and revering the Lord with all my heart as an evangelist, writer, and mommy / caretaker of a small crew of special needs and senior rescued dogs. In April 2017, by the leading of the Spirit of God, I put my house on the market, gave away almost everything except what I needed for ministry and the care of the dogs, and went out on the road full-time for the Lord and ministry with the first stop being in Virginia. After 11 months in a Virginia hotel, He sent me for a short hotel stay in New Jersey. Next stop, as of May 2018 I am in New York City pressing on in my labor of love for Him.

But it was not always that way, as you will see by reading my personal story in my Gospel tract called “Finding the Light” if you click HERE. Despite seemingly insurmountable challenges for decades, and continual extreme challenges and hard circumstances to this very day, my life is dedicated 100% to the Lord and ministry.

For almost seven years, from about 2010 to 2017, the Lord took me through my “wilderness years,” drawing me into a long season of much solitude during which He drew me to Himself and began in great depth by His Spirit through His Word to teach me His ways, to transform me, and to prepare me for how He would ultimately lead me in ministry.

During that period, I lived a simple and quiet life in coastal South Carolina just outside Hilton Head Island on a bare-bones personal income and equally bare-bones ministry budget unencumbered by the things of this world as I passionately, persistently, unabashedly, unashamedly, unreservedly, relentlessly learned to love, fear, revere, and worship God while sharing the Gospel, ministering His love to a world in need, and helping people to become and remain forever followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This, He taught me to do, with a heart overflowing daily with the love of Christ, and immeasurable joy, peace, hope, and so very much more. After nearly seven years, in April 2017, He sent me out on the road for what He clearly created me to do. For what I was born to do and what He had been preparing me for all along. Streets ministry as an evangelist and writer whose life is committed utterly to Him and to helping to build His Kingdom of Christ followers.

Now out on the road, with my first stop being in a hotel at which I have endless opportunities for the evangelism to which the Lord has called me, not to mention beyond the hotel in the DC metropolitan area, I am humbled, blessed, and privileged to do a combination of evangelism via streets ministry & by phone and online; writing & publishing Gospel tracts and devotionals and my little mini-magazine called FAITHFUL Magazine, and books; and caring for the ministry’s sweet special needs and senior rescued dogs whom the Lord so very often uses to introduce me to people and to open their hearts to hear about Him not to mention to help teach me His ways of love, mercy, compassion, patience, perseverance, love under pressure, faithfulness, being thankful, steadfastness, hope, humility, repentance and so very much more.

Please note after about 11 months ministering out of a hotel room in Virginia, my first stop out on the road for ministry, the Lord led me to hit the road again with my ministry essentials, a little bit of personal belongings, and my small crew of special needs and senior dogs to head for a hotel in New Jersey where I stayed for three weeks both ministering on-site at the hotel and preparing for what would become the biggest act of faith of my adult life following Christ.

In May 2018, I packed up once more and moved into New York City where the Lord clearly told me I would – and will – do streets ministry for as short or for as long as He desires. A wild adventure this has all been so far that comes with plenty of challenges but is rewarding in the amazing opportunity it affords me to love the Lord and others and to fulfill my life’s calling to help people find and forever follow Him!

My Heart

While I have a heart for the broken, lost, hurting, hopeless, homeless, hungry, abused, abandoned, neglected, rejected, addicted, suicidal, dying, blind, deaf, forgotten, imprisoned, depressed, disabled, beaten down, crushed, bruised, and wounded, and others in dire need, in all truth I have a heart burdened for all of humanity. We are all in need, after all. For we are nothing and forever lost without God, and the only way to be brought to forever fellowship with God is in and through Christ Jesus who is Lord.

My spirit weeps over the dire straits of this world and for people worldwide who so desperately need the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. I pray exceedingly for individuals, for whole groups of people, for friends and strangers, for lost souls, for the hurting and hungry, for people everywhere, for people in extreme circumstances, for people far and near, all precious to me in my heart whether I know them personally or perhaps never will.

I am not only desperate to pray. I am desperate to love. And I am not only desperate to love. I am desperate to serve. And this is exactly what I do passionately and persistently as I relentlessly pursue the Lord and His calling on my life. I seek whenever and wherever the Lord might lead me to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ and to help and encourage people through my heart, spoken and written words, and actions to renew their minds through study of God’s Word and to live the lives the Lord has called them to live by applying the Bible to their lives and becoming, being, and remaining  sold-out, utterly devoted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is much more below this little video – including the most important message in the universe….


My story in a nutshell. I grew up in a Jewish family that observed the high holidays but didn’t believe in God. I dabbled in atheism, agnosticism, New Age, Eastern, and held on for dear life to anything or anyone I felt could fix my broken life.

I lived for decades shattered in a zillion jagged pieces that not a single human being could put back together again into any semblance of wholeness or usefulness.

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“…for the joy of the Lord is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10).” I do not often find joy in my life’s circumstances which remain relatively challenging, but in the Lord is everlasting joy.

Childhood sexual abuse. Post traumatic stress disorder. Flashbacks. Nightmares. I lost track of who I was and where I was. Multiple addictions. Self mutilation. Over 15 years of wanting to commit suicide. Debilitating depression. Horrible anxiety. Kicked out of my family for talking about the sexual abuse by my main perpetrator. Hospitals. Psychiatric ward. Medications. Psychiatrists. Psychologists. Counselors. Self-help groups. Recovery programs. Welfare. Food stamps. Charity care. Long-term disability. Abandoned by two husbands. Two unwanted divorces. Relentlessly rejected.

At one point, I found myself curled up in a fetal position in the closet of my New York City apartment having flashbacks of the sexual abuse and desperately wanting to die. At another time, I lived in a shed building with insulation hanging down from the ceiling and cold concrete floors and a little heater with numerous dogs and a bucket to pee in because I was too afraid, hurt, and angry to live in the house with my husband at the time who left me for the final time in favor of drug addiction and sexual sin. I was told I would never have any semblance of a normal life, and that I would have to be on medication for life – if I didn’t end up committing suicide.

I do not have a whole family anymore. I do not have a husband, a fiance, or a boyfriend. I do not have a social life. I do not have a big income. I do not have a fancy house. I do not have a fancy life. I stay wherever the Lord sends me. My first stop out on the road full-time for ministry is a hotel room. My clothes are simple and mostly handed down or purchased at thrift shops. I have a small crew of special needs and senior rescued dogs that require quite a bit of care. I am rejected by those who should have loved me. Between losing most of what I ever wanted, and not getting so much of what I desired, I have every reason in the world to give up my life.

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One of my greatest blessings is working with the homeless. I used to look for happiness in bars and bottles and men and wickedness. I ended up broken. Now I find joy in the Lord and in serving Him in a world in ever need.


And this is exactly what I have done. But rather than give up my life to suicide, I have given up my life to the Lord. I am 100% His. I love and serve Him with all my heart, I love my neighbor as myself, and I aspire above all else to honor Him by fulfilling His call on my life to share the Gospel while ministering His love to a world in dire need of Him.


Today, I have a love, a peace, a joy, a hope, a trust, a freedom, a sense of purpose, a satisfaction, a fulfillment, a passion, a faith, a promise of everlasting life, and countless other spiritual blessings that are not contingent on any of my circumstances or on anything or anyone in this world. My life today, and my eternity in heaven, are contingent solely on a deeply personal, breathtakingly beautiful, ever-growing intimate relationship with my loving Father in heaven through my faith in Jesus Christ and a life committed to studying the Bible and learning at long last to live the life God intended for me to live all along.

I have a love beyond imagination, and a joy beyond description, and a hope beyond belief. I have the Lord Jesus Christ, and in Him and through Him I have found the life I was meant to have all along. His life in me. His life through me. For the glory of the Lord God almighty.

God did not take my zillion broken pieces and put me back together again like the world failed to do. He did what only God can do. He made me new. You can read my full personal story in my “Finding the Light” Gospel tract which is available to order for individual use or to distribute to others and can be read HERE.

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Words started pouring out of me as a little girl. My mom used to have to find scraps of paper in her pocketbook in the grocery store when the words would come gushing out. As an adult, I spent a long while writing for the world and my own satisfaction not to mention for the devil without even realizing it. Now I write for the Lord – books and much more. How blessed I am to use the gifts God has given me for His glory – the way it should have been all along.


I hope as I pour my heart out day by day in the ministry work that I do that you and/or someone you know might feel loved and be blessed, encouraged, and inspired to turn from the ways of this world and to live a fully committed, devoted, and infinitely beautiful life dedicated to the Lord both now and forevermore. It would be hard to believe that anyone in the world was as far away from such a life as I once was. But if you read my miraculous story of a woman utterly broken and useless and headed for death and hell transformed to the woman I am today, you might come to find that anything is truly possible when what is broken beyond human repair is placed in the loving and majestic hands of the Lord.

“And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.” 2 Corinthians 5:15 KJV

“I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20 KJV

“And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” Luke 9:23 KJV

To read my PERSONAL STORY with the most important message in the universe which is available to order as a Gospel tract called “Finding the Light”,  and to see a life-changing video called “The Best Message in the Universe”, please click HERE.

To read and see on video “RED’S STORY,” the beautiful true story about a Homeless Dog (my ministry co-founder Red), A Broken Woman (me), a Homeless Man, and an Awesome God, please click HERE.

To read about my early days in New York City in May 2018 after the Lord sent me out on the road full-time for ministry beginning in April 2017, after 11 months in a Virginia hotel and a short hotel stay in New Jersey, please click HERE.