Just Call To Say I Love You


“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” John 13:34

I was walking two of my special needs doggies through a hotel parking lot one day when the Spirit of God impressed it upon me me to call someone dear to me to tell her how thankful I am that she is in my life and that I love her.

I knew better than to argue. I have resisted the Lord long enough. I didn’t have to understand His reason nor His timing. Only that He is Lord. I picked up the phone and spoke to her for no more than two minutes. Long enough to tell her that I am indeed grateful she’s in my life and that I most assuredly do love her.

In those two minutes, unlike so very much of my life that I have lived wrongly, ungodly, unrighteously, in rebellion against God almighty, consumed with my self and my self-centered agenda, I obeyed God’s two greatest commands. To love Him with all my heart, which I did in the call by loving and honoring and obeying Him. And to love others as ourselves, which I did by loving another.

If this world would repent and turn to God through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, and obey His greatest commands, to love Him with all that we are and to love one another, and to live in love, reverence, and obedience to Him, we would have a different world, wouldn’t we?

We can’t change the world, friend, but we ourselves can humble ourselves, turn from our sinful self-centered ways, and whether it be in as something as seemingly small and short-lived as a two-minute phone call or whether it be something seemingly enormous over a long span of time, we can ourselves choose to obey God almighty – and LOVE.

In Christ’s love, for the glory of the Lord, let’s LOVE Him, friend, and let’s love others. Let’s deny self and reach out to a world in dire need of Christ and choose to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, for the glory of God, yes!

Look upward and LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lord – and look outward and LOVE LOVE LOVE others in His holy most glorious most magnificent everlasting almighty name!

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