How’s Your Attitude


“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thess. 5:16-18

One day the Spirit of God spoke to my heart a message I can’t help but believe is for many more people than just myself. I had been wallowing in the muck and yuck of self-pity, being irritable, negative, moaning, complaining, whining, in my heart, impatient with the dogs, mad not glad. Little did I realize until the Lord spoke to me that I was bringing great delight to the devil who because of my attitude I had allowed to move me out of position. Out of the position in which the Lord desires us all to be. The position of trust and rest and faith in Him, of love, hope, joy, peace, devotion to Him, reverence to Him, thankfulness, service to Him and to others, obedience, etc. I wrote down the words the Lord spoke to me and trust He will speak to your heart as you read them if in fact this message may also be for you.

“This is the enemy trying to get you out of position. The position you need to be in. To love and worship and serve me. A position of joy and gladness, of thanksgiving and submission to me. Of humility and readiness. Of willingness. Of rest in me. Of trust. Of faith in me. In my Word. Of being able to make wise decisions. Of being awake and refreshed and revived and ready to go forth.

There is only one thing you can do when this happens. If you want to please me. Repent of any sin and be filled with me and choose my ways not your own. Choose to die to self in this. Be glad. Choose to please me. Rejoice. Yes, rejoice. That’s what I want you to do.

Choose this way. My way. The way of love. Love. Believe. Go forth.

The alternative is to go down the path you have been on. Of what you call being miserable. Of not pleasing me because you are not thankful. Because you are filled with doubt. And are mad. And lose your temper. And hurt. And feel sorry for yourself. Yes, self. The other way indeed is about self.

Which way will it be? You, or me? To please me, or to focus on you and how you can feel better?

Choose me. Choose my ways. Choose to love and worship and serve me.

You are at a crossroads. Which way will you go?

Follow me. This is what I desire. That you die to your self. Deny self. Take up your cross. For there will come a cost sometimes a great one to your flesh when you choose to follow me. For you will need to say no to what you desire. You will say yes to me. And follow me. Wherever I lead you. To do whatever I desire. With the right heart. A heart pleasing to me. A holy heart. Be holy as I am holy. Is that not what my Word tells you to do? To be holy.

The holy heart. Purify yourself. And begin anew. For my mercy is new every morning. And I will cleanse you when you repent of all that you have in your heart and in your life that displeases me.

Be filled with me.

Carry on. Following me.

I am calling you. Come to me and trust in me and rest in me and rejoice in me and hope in me and believe in me day by day as you die to self and take up your cross and follow me forth.

Come, now, walk with me. And I will teach you the way to go. My way. With me. In my company. Honoring me. Loving me. As I love you and lead you on.”

I repented.
I asked God to fill me with Himself. With His Spirit.
And I received His mercy and knew it was time to walk on. With Him. Denying self. Step by step forward following Jesus in faith.
In His love.
For God’s glory.

Join me, friend. Repent of your sin. Believe in Christ as Lord who died for our sins and was raised from the dead. Be filled with His Spirit. Choose His way. The way of faith. The way of love. And learn daily to die to self. To deny self. To take up your cross. And follow Jesus faithfully forth. Joyfully forth! Thankfully forth! Filled with hope forth! Trustingly forth! For the glory of the Lord God almighty. AMEN!

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