When God’s Directions Don’t Make Sense


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Just three days shy of my 51st birthday, I ordered myself a little birthday present despite the fact I try to minimize all spending to maximize my resources to love and serve Jesus. I bought a big luggage bag for the roof of my car with about 240,000 miles on it. Most of what I possess materially in this world will fit in that car and roof bag along with my handicapped and senior rescued dogs – along with a heart so filled with the Spirit of Christ and my love for Jesus I could burst wide open with love for Him and people worldwide I desperately want to help to believe in and forever follow Him!

But why when I’m only 6 months into a lease on a New York City apartment where I’ve been serving Jesus would I take only a few days to decide I’ll pay the early move-out fee, pack everything up, and head off to a very specific destination far away to continue loving and serving my beloved Lord?

Because I’m 100% clear this is exactly what the Lord has told me to do. But why don’t His directions make sense? Why don’t His directions fit into the way this world does things, and into what others think I should do, and on what others themselves would do, and into the plans I used to have for my life? Why would I do this when His directions simply don’t make sense?

And what should any of us do for that matter when God gives us directions that don’t make sense – in the world’s eyes anyway?

Friend, the Bible is filled from start to finish with God giving directions to people that in the world’s eyes simply don’t make sense. Adam and Eve, Moses, Abraham, Elijah, Jonah, other prophets, the woman at the well, the woman with the issue of blood, the lepers, the blind, the people possessed by evil spirits, the apostle Paul, Philip the evangelist, John on the isle of Patmos, the sick, the dead, the grieving, and on and on. All throughout the Bible, the Lord tells people to do stuff that goes totally contrary to anything that makes sense to the human mind. And what is true of each and every example?

Those who obeyed the Lord were used to glorify Him, were blessed in the process, or were and will be ultimately rewarded, were refined by Him, used by Him to help countless others, drew closer to Him, are used through their stories even to this very day to help countless people, and on and on depending on the person and situation. Those who rebelled against God suffered as a result, and some will suffer forever because they refused ultimately to repent and turn to Him.


There are times we may come to understand in retrospect why the Lord gave us certain directions, or even in the midst of following His directions we may understand. Sometimes we may even understand before we start out. Sometimes we may never understand!

But our need to humbly love and obey God almighty is NOT contingent on whether or not we understand, whether or not we feel His directions make sense, and, for that matter, whether or not others believe His directions to us make sense.

When we are clear the Lord has given us directions, there should be no question in our minds what we must do. He is Lord. We who believe in Jesus as Lord must follow Him with or without understanding.

Once again, I will soon set out on the road for my next destination based on the Spirit of God leading me forth. I don’t need to understand His will nor His timing to go. I simply need to know who God is and who I am. He is Lord – and I am His. His child. His servant. His forever!

Please read the scriptures above and be encouraged. Please look to the Lord and obey Him when you are clear He has spoken to you. Please continually study His Word and learn to live by it. Please measure what you believe you hear from Him to make sure it lines up with His Word because He always speaks in line with it. Please seek godly counsel if, when, and as He leads you. And, no matter whether or not you understand God’s directions to you, surrender yourself to Him and let His Spirit lead the way.

Onward! In the strength of the Lord! In the love of Christ! For the glory of God! Hallelujah!

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