God Provides HIS Way


“Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.” 1 Cor. 5:14-15

When I was under the false prosperity gospel teaching for some years, I loved everything about it with one exception. I loved being taught I could have everything my little greedy self-centered heart desired if I waved my magic I’ve-got-enough-faith-to-believe-God-for-this-or-that wand in God’s Santa Clause give-His-children-all-they-dream-of face, but I hated that oftentimes I never got what I prayed for.

God delivered me from false name-it-claim-it teaching, led me to repentance for living exclusively for me instead of for Him, and has since taught me He provides for His children HIS way in HIS time by HIS grace in HIS love for our GOOD and HIS glory – right down to the smallest detail.

Now I am ever amazed and wonderfully thankful for HIS PROVISION which reflects His amazing love, mercy, grace, and tender gracious compassionate care. Like the day He surprised me with this.

I had been wondering (and worrying somewhat) for weeks how I would get about 4 of the ministry’s special needs and senior dogs to the vet in New York City which is about a mile from the apartment. I could try to walk them the distance with breaks along the way, hire a car service and try to load them up into limited space that would not be set up like my car which would have taken hours to bring into the city from where it is stored, or take them a few at a time to the vet.

What would I do with 15-year-old Dancer in the way of a crate? His crate was too big for a car with the other dogs, the first carrier I ordered had no strap to carry it, and the second one was the wrong size. I had asked the vet’s office to lend me one, but they had just donated all their extras.

At the last minute, the last day the office would be open before my appointment, I decided to ask one last time. They decided not to lend me a crate. Instead, they GAVE me a crate that was the perfect fit with a water dish and with a special grate which was exactly what I needed given Dancer’s condition. In 20 years of dog rescue work, I had never had a crate come with a grate mechanism like this one had. Nor had I almost ever had one with a water dish attached.

The Lord had known right from the start how He would provide for me. I had sensed all along He wanted me not to buy a crate, but I hadn’t trusted Him. Instead, I wore myself out searching for just the right crate, ordering several, and then having to return them. I never did wave my magic wand. I have long since gotten rid of it. But what I had needed to do, and had neglected to do, was to pray to the Lord and trust Him to provide HIS way – according to HIS will. And I had needed to OBEY HIM when I sensed I wasn’t supposed to buy a crate! The Lord had had a plan all along ACCORDING TO HIS WILL. HIS WAY, YES!

Day by day, I am learning to trust the Lord to lead and provide according to HIS WILL for HIS WONDERFUL GLORY!

How about you, friend? Are you praying to the Lord and trusting Him to provide according to HIS WILL for HIS GLORY and OBEYING HIM in the process?

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