Gift Cards / Special Request!


The Lord placed it on my heart to put the word out that GIFT CARDS would be a very welcome blessing for WALK BY FAITH MINISTRY – especially for WALMART as well as for GAS CARDS.

Most of all, I am in VERY BIG NEED of new MONTHLY SPONSORS as well as one-time donations to be used for the MINISTRY AS A WHOLE as well as for the MINISTRY DOGGIES.

The ministry is GROWING GROWING GROWING very rapidly, and it would be an ENORMOUS BLESSING to see more people led by the Lord to step forward with ongoing support for the Lord’s work as I press on in my life’s calling to do streets ministry & write and publish Gospel tracts, devotionals & books as I share the Gospel and help people to find and forever faithfully follow the Lord Jesus Christ!

He is opening doors rapidly and beautifully in my newest location out on the road full-time for Him with my 5 special needs doggies – currently in the Florida Panhandle – as well as leading me forward to publish my usual online Daily Inspiration and a new devotional magazine for PRISONERS, another new devotional magazine for THE HOMELESS, as well as to work on a new series of pocket-sized Gospel tracts & to work on a book project. And, yes, the streets ministry opportunities are endless and wonderful and are such a humbling incredible blessing.

As a beloved friend just reminded me, I need to REMEMBER TO REST!


Gift cards would be best done online instead of by mail as all mail is currently forwarded to me and therefore takes extra long to get to me. And MONTHLY SPONSORSHIP and ONE-TIME DONATIONS can be done on my website as well as by mail. My number one request if you are led would be for more MONTHLY SPONSORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, LOVE YOU, and ALL THE GLORY TO THE LORD for His love, grace, goodness, and forever glorious majesty, AMEN!

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