Feel Good Faith?


“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

I had been fretting and feeling somewhat discouraged and frustrated for at least a few weeks about the quality of my alone time with the Lord and the Bible when the Spirit of God caught my attention with an important reminder.

Where in the Bible does God promise us that all the time we spend with Him will be filled with delicious, yummy, appetizing, wonderful, beautiful, happy, joyful, easy, peaceful, fulfilling, satisfying, comfortable, simple, etc. feelings? Faith is NOT about feelings. It’s about faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, and genuine faith in Him as Lord goes hand in hand with a life devoted to Him that entails denying self and living for Him.

While in the greater and everlasting picture Christ’s followers are privileged to enjoy His forever presence and fellowship, our time alone with the Lord on a daily basis can range from loving and deeply fulfilling praise and worship to crying out to Him in desperation and anguish to pouring out our love to Him to simply enjoying His quiet and amazing presence to hurting as we pour out our hearts to Him to being frustrated and discouraged as we can’t understand why He won’t answer certain prayers to hearing His Spirit speak lovingly and tenderly to our hearts to how hard it is when He convicts and chastens and reprimands us to being sad because we haven’t felt His nearness in some time despite our deepening hunger and thirst for Him to the joy of His answering our questions and needs as we pray to Him to happiness when He gives us understanding over Bible verses we’ve struggled to comprehend, and on and on.

When I was tragically under feel good faith false teaching for some years, I was foolishly and falsely led to believe faith in Christ means every day of our lives should be filled with physical prosperity and happy feelings and waving our magic wands and getting everything we want with just the right amount of faith and enjoying our relationship with Jesus 24-7 and skipping off down the feel good faith highway until we land with suitcases in hand in heaven.

Friend, believing in and following Jesus isn’t about how we feel on a moment to moment basis concerning our relationship with God,. It’s about faith in and devotedness to the Lord as He leads us forth day by day in loving and worshiping and obeying Him as we press forward in passionate pursuit of honoring and pleasing and adoring Him and in seeking His glory and presence and fellowship forevermore, AMEN!

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