Father, I Can’t Do This


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13

“Father, I can’t do this,” I told the Lord.

I was being totally honest, and the Lord knew it. We both knew it. I just couldn’t do it. Not what He’d given me to do. Too much. Too hard. Too needing a break. Too not having had a vacation in years. More than I could handle. Impossible.

Almost instantly, these words came to me.

“But I can do it in you, with you, through you, and for you,” I told the Lord.

That was the plain truth. The truth for me, and the truth for you, dear friend.

When God gives us more than we can handle IN OUR OWN WEAKNESS, He gives us HIS STRENGTH and EVERYTHING ELSE WE NEED to do what He has called us to do.

God is with His followers. God is for His followers. And IN CHRIST, THROUGH CHRIST, and FOR GOD’s GLORY, we CAN DO God’s will – moment by moment.

And sometimes, moment by moment is exactly how we need to look at it. Or we may feel entirely overwhelmed as I did when I told the Lord I couldn’t do what He had given me to do.

For Christ’s sake, when we are submitted to Jesus, submitted to God’s Word, living by His strength and with the desire to bring God glory, we CAN fulfill His will for us. Breath by breath, for the glory of the Lord, yes we can.

Yes you can, AMEN!


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