Doggy Donation Update


The five handicapped & senior rescued doggies of Walk by Faith Ministry and I have been lounging around today after we all walked about a mile to the vet’s office yesterday for lots of big testing & a big procedure. Okay, they’ve been lazily lounging around on a rainy day, and I’ve been hard at work throughout the day!

A fuller report is available in yesterday’s email I sent out. Just wanted to follow up to let you know I sent out the email to about 2100 people & the Lord blessed the ministry with one donation for the dogs via the email list. By His grace, someone who does not get the emails is donating separately. And one friend donated recently toward the bill.

That said, I’m putting out the word once again that donations would be very much appreciated for their big vet visit coupled with lots of recent needs with special foods, medications, and equipment.

As the Lord moves me from city to city to do streets ministry and write, publish, and distribute Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books, I am accompanied by these sweet and precious special needs dogs He has placed in my care.

He uses them continually to introduce me to people to talk to about Him, and I am ever so thank to the loving, kind, and generous people who support the ministry as a whole, specific ministry-related needs including printing costs and help with housing as I do not receive a salary, and the dogs for those who are led to donate specifically for their care.

About $200 is still needed to help cover yesterday’s vet bill which was about $1100 for much testing and a major procedure for multiple dogs, and a greater amount would be very much appreciated to help cover their other recent and ongoing needs.

As well, anyone led to become a monthly sponsor of the ministry as a whole would be exceedingly greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to contact me at 843-338-2219 or

With love in Christ’s name,

lara Christ’s servant & her canine “kids”

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