The Dog Who Chose Love


“As the deer pants for the water brooks,
So pants my soul for You, O God.
My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
When shall I come and appear before God?” Psalm 42:1-2

I sat on a cheap purplish folding chair the only chair in my little New York City apartment holding out a water dish filled with fresh water with a little chicken broth in it to lure the senses and spur on the drinking of three of my five handicapped & senior rescued dogs.

15-year-old Dancer who was found years ago on a short chain without food or water. Paralyzed dog Miss Mercy who was hit by a car and brought to a shelter in sickening pain years ago. And Gracie who was dumped at a gas station then hit by two cars on the same day and refused rescue for six weeks despite a major broken bone. Three of your not most ordinary household pets. But then, they are ministry dogs. Very special ones at that.

Dancer drank and drank like a pig. Miss Mercy drank like a lady – not that she always acts like one. Gracie I had to convince she should leave behind the comfy massive dog bed where they had been assembling just a few minutes before.

Gracie took a couple or so laps of water and QUIT. Immediately she turned her head to me and with her head made abundantly clear she didn’t want the water. SHE WANTED ME. SHE WANTED MY LOVE. SHE WANTED MY AFFECTION. SHE WANTED MY ATTENTION. SHE WANTED MY COMPANY. SHE WANTED MY PRESENCE. SHE WANTED MY COMPANIONSHIP. SHE WANTED MY TIME. SHE WANTED MY SPENDING TIME WITH HER. Much much more important to her than the water.

My friend, do you see the message in this? Do we go to the Lord only for what He has to give us in the way of provision? To give us “the goods” so to speak? To hold out the water dish to us? To give us the stuff we want and need? To pray to Him for more and more of whatever? Of whomever? Of anything and everything but Himself? Are we more concerned to use the words of other Christian writers and preachers with the gifts than the giver?

Dancer and Miss Mercy when they were through with the water trotted off to enjoy whatever activity they planned next. Apparently their calendar was filled with more lounging on the massive dog bed. They were through with me once they got the water. Not that they don’t come to me at other times for loving, mind you.

But isn’t this a wonderful albeit perhaps for some of us quite convicting picture of what some of us do when it comes to the Lord? Rush over to Him to stick our little tongues out and lap quickly at whatever He pours out in His giving bowl to us then off we go? Maybe a quick thank you – or not. Then off we go.

I can’t speak for you, but I sure can speak for me. I need to be vigilant about getting my priorities in order. The Lord is so very gracious and generous and awesomely loving with His giving and providing for us, isn’t He? But is not what’s most important the Lord Himself, and should we not in our thoughts and actions, in our decision to give Him praise, honor, and glory, in our decision to thank Him and praise Him, in our decision to proclaim Him to others, in our meditating on Him and on His Word, in our very hearts make sure our greatest priority is that THE LORD HIMSELF is our NUMBER ONE LOVE – not what He can do for us and give to us?

May our greatest love be the Lord Jesus Christ, and may our greatest desire be to make our love and faithfulness and devotedness known to Him. Even when we may be busy in our everyday activities, it is entirely possible that even then in the way we think and conduct ourselves we can make known to the Lord that He is our first love. And, we can choose to take quiet time daily to simply be in His presence and show our love to Him and receive His and experience and enjoy communing with THE LORD, AMEN!

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