Confused, Upset, Discouraged


“For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.” 1 John 5:4

Confused. Upset. Discouraged.

Not too encouraging, is it? Not exactly the most appetizing subject for a devotional, is it? Not the most appealing thing to think about, is it? Not in any way what any one of us wants to feel, is it? But that’s exactly the message on my heart right now, and it shouldn’t be any surprise after what the Lord just spoke to my heart.

Almost as soon as I went to my knees in prayer, the Spirit of God showed me the devil has been trying to get me confused, upset, and discouraged to stop me from going where the Lord is sending me next. Why did He want me to see this? Here’s why.

Just because we feel confused, upset, and discouraged DOES NOT MEAN the Lord has not called us to do something. We should not determine the Lord’s will for us based on our feelings and thoughts. His will is His will. And one thing the devil loves loves loves to do is to try to stop Christ’s followers from persevering in doing God’s will.

One avenue the devil uses is to go after our feelings and thoughts and to try to get us so confused, upset, and/or discouraged that we don’t take even a single foot forward in following God and His will, or that we take a few steps and then quit in the middle, or that we go where God is sending us next and then go running back or running elsewhere.

The devil wants to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10) – right down to the very plans God has for our lives including the places He is sending us to do what He is sending us to do for His glory.

How do I feel right now in this moment? Honestly? Confused, upset, and discouraged. Does this mean I should not go where God is sending me next and not do what He is sending me to do? That I should bow down to my feelings and thoughts and quit before I even start? That I should cave in to the devil’s attempts to get me so discouraged that I turn away from God and His will? NO!

What does it mean then? That I need to pour out my heart to the Lord in prayer, seek His love and comfort and wisdom and strength, and carry on – loving and serving the Lord now and forever!

The Bible is filled with examples of the Lord sending people out to do His will – people who from start to finish face enormous battles along the way including emotional ones. The ones who had victory and pleased the Lord were those who pressed on in His strength for His glory. Those who failed did not put their trust in the Lord and bowed down to their flesh and their enemies instead.

Let’s you and I be reminded today – and always – to consciously put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and be resolved to do the Lord’s will no matter the cost to our feelings, thoughts, our very flesh, that we might live not for ourselves but for Christ who is forever Lord. AMEN!

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