Butterflies in New York City?


“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” James 1:17

Who was my beloved friend kidding? Maybe I was hearing things? We didn’t always have the greatest phone connection after all. But no. I really had heard what I had heard. And she wasn’t kidding. She had just suggested I go out onto the streets of New York City and find a butterfly. Okay, well, that’s not the whole story. So here it is. And herein is the message.

I have been exhausted beyond measure. Totally burned out. I have been burned out so many times through the years, and I’m just not bouncing back the way I used to. Not surprising considering the past few decades not to mention the past few months of ministry in New York City. And a zillion other things.

What does this have to do with butterflies? My friend was suggesting instead of going out onto the streets to minister to others, I should go outside and receive from the Lord His goodness and enjoy it. Just plain old goodness. Noticing and enjoying and being thankful for God’s graciousness and goodness even in the smallest and seemingly most insignificant of things. Like butterflies.

I remarked to my friend about how I wondered if New York City really has butterflies, and that’s when she made her point. It’s not about butterflies. It’s about receiving the Lord’s beauty and kindness and blessings in whatever way He chooses – and not missing it by being consumed with life’s busyness, circumstances, challenges, trials, and tribulations.

Even as I was listening to my friend, I noticed my paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon who was near death about a year and a half ago waving his paw in the air to try to get to me to get some attention and make known his presence. Something I probably would have missed or simply been irritated by. This time, I saw something new in his paw waving.

A butterfly. One of God’s countless simple sweet gracious and good blessings. A paw-waving butterfly.

Don’t miss the butterflies in life, friend. Courtesy of the Lord most high!

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