My apologies once again along with a big thank you for your patience concerning I have not been doing my usual Daily Inspiration over the past few days as I have been in VERY MAJOR TRANSITION thanks be to the Lord God almighty and in full faith in , love for, and utter devotedness to Him with a desire above all else to love and glorify Him forever.

After 15 hours of driving over a two-day period with a phenomenal testimony on the way and with most of my life’s few possessions and my sweet 5 special needs and senior rescued doggies in tow, I arrived safe and soundly yesterday in the Hilton Head area, South Carolina, where the Lord has sent me for three weeks to SEEK HIM, to SERVE HIM, and TO REST before He sends me on to my next location in Wilmington NC where a major hurricane recently hit.

I am exhausted after being out on the road for 1.5 years with the most recent six months in New York City and given the long drive and what occurred on the way! I am at the same time more in love with Him than I have ever been, more devoted to loving and serving Him than I have ever been, and more excited than ever at the ongoing opportunities He gives me to help people near and far to find and forever follow Him!

I lived in this area in SC for about 15 years total, and one might imagine myself included that He sent me back here to simply enjoy the beach, the wonderful climate, the fresh air, and old friends. But rest assured He had me jump right in to my ministry work within 24 hours of arrival both at the hotel and in the area with opportunities to love, encourage, and pray for people, to hand out Gospel tracts, to share testimonies about Him, to plant seeds for His glory, to help those who already believe in Him, and doors are opening left and right all for HIS GLORY!

I hope in the coming days Lord willing to share with you the amazing testimony of what happened on my long drive and to send out Daily Inspiration if and as He leads me. Rest assured I am as committed as ever, more so than ever in fact, to my life’s calling – but also well aware that I will need some rest along the way!

Please keep up the prayers, love & encouragement!

In His ever indescribable love,


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