Big Prayer Request from Lara


The good news is the Lord is rapidly growing me while He’s rapidly growing this little international ministry – to the point I’m humbled, amazed, in awe, astounded, and ever trying to catch up with all He’s doing!

I’ve been on the road full-time almost 2 years now with 5 special needs doggies in tow doing streets ministry and writing & publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books the Lord is using to literally reach people locally wherever I am, nationally, and worldwide!

The bad news is there is still very little financial support for the ministry, there are still only two dear friends giving what time they can to help, and the church that graciously offered to do a big portion of the printing which has dramatically increased is about 6 weeks behind in fulfilling a major printing project and is not responding to any communication whereby I have to apologize to prisons and homeless shelters nationwide that were to receive the publications & there is now a much greater physical, time, and financial burden on the resources my ministry has.

The best news is that I am 100% confident the Lord will provide for everything to which He has called me in life and ministry. So I ask that you pray, pray, pray, and pray to the Lord for His will and provision – and that you search your hearts to see if and how the Lord might desire to use you in helping me & this ministry to fulfill my mission to help people to find and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ through streets ministry & the tracts, devotionals, and books I write and publish.

I am sad to tell you in my experience over the years, the most rejection and the least amount of support have come from the churches. The most love, encouragement, and support have come from individuals – both Christ followers and many who do not yet believe in the Lord. It seems the churches are oftentimes focused on programs and growth, oftentimes striving to provide for and to increase their congregations and oftentimes turned off by the idea of someone being sold out to the Lord as an evangelist with the US as a missions field with the distribution of tracts and devotionals as part of that work.

Equally sad, whenever there has been a need for one of the ministry’s dogs in my care, people have often come running to help with donations and sometimes other help, too. Seems there has often been more care shown toward the dogs than toward the people worldwide that need help in hearing about and learning to believe in and follow Jesus Christ for the promise of a forever relationship with God almighty. So please, please, please pray that the Lord would bring revival to the Body of Christ and awakening to the world!

Thank you, thank you for your prayers. The Lord has impressed it upon me that He is trying my faith, that I need to walk by faith through this, and that I need to not let anything or anyone stop me from moving forward as the Spirit of God leads me forth.

Your love, encouragement, and prayers are very greatly appreciated.

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