Are You Serving Me?


“Are you serving me, or are you serving yourself?” the Spirit of God asked me in the wee hours of the morning.

 You may wonder why He asked me such a question, and why in the middle of the night. But I did not wonder. I knew without any doubt.

 Sometimes He speaks to me in the middle of the night because I am easily distracted and there is nothing to distract me from hearing Him then. But why such a question?

Because though I was clear about His will for me in a certain matter, I was questioning whether it was really His will. Not simply because it didn’t entirely make sense to me, but because when I was honest with myself my flesh was craving something different. I imagined how much more comfortable and content, secure and at ease, how peaceful and happy I would be if I chose a different path than the Lord had shown me to take.

 That’s when the Lord asked me the question. Whom was I serving? Whom am I serving? Whom was I born to serve? Whom does a Christ follower serve? Should a Christ follower serve? Whom should we all serve? Whom are we all serving? Whom are you serving?

Self? Like I craved serving in that matter? Or Christ? As His daughter. As His servant. As His beloved. As His follower?

The conviction came quickly, as I hope it will with you. His Spirit was simply reminding me that this life’s journey is not about me. It’s about Jesus. About believing in Him. About obeying God. About being loved by Him and loving Him in return. About obedience birthed from His love for me, and mine in return for Him.

How about you, friend? When you crave comfort and your flesh is crying out to satisfy self, to go against God and to go your own way, how do you respond? Whom do you serve? If you are Christ’s follower, as we all should be, the answer should be this.

Serve Christ. Now, in this moment. And the next. And in all the moments to come. Serve Christ. Forever. Forever His. AMEN!


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