A Touching Testimony


“My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth.” 1 John 3:18

My ex husband was back in the hospital for the umpteenth time due to a chronic and serious medical condition compounded by a prescription drug addiction that doesn’t help matters. The small hospital he had gone to wanted to transfer him to a big city hospital some distance away. Day after day, however, he couldn’t be transferred due to lack of space. So he waited.

Meanwhile, a beloved friend who along with her dear husband has crossed paths with my ex-husband a good number of times through the years went to the emergency room due to a complication regarding her treatment for a major medical condition. The hospital she visited was in another state, and though the medical care workers recommended she stay, she elected to leave due to an insurance issue. Days later, she and her ex-husband drove a good ways away to the hospital where my ex husband had finally been transferred. She needed a check-up, but the doctor recommended she stay. Not something, of course, she had wanted to do.

Turns out her hospital room was not ready for her to be admitted. What would she and her ex-husband do with their waiting period? They knew through my communication with my ex-husband that he had finally arrived at the very same hospital. Despite her medical condition and obviously not feeling well, she and her husband went walking to a different hospital building in the same complex and found my ex-husband’s room. They spent a bunch of their free time ministering to my ex-husband who was very much in need of seeing and hearing and receiving Christ’s love and help in his relationship with God.

This isn’t just a touching testimony of the Lord’s amazing love for His children and of His exceeding attention right down to the very detail of orchestrating how He brings His children together to love and help and encourage and support one another. It’s also a testimony about sacrifice.

My friend was going through an extremely trying time medically, but instead of being entirely consumed with herself and her own well-being, she made a sacrifice to join her husband in loving and helping a brother in the Lord Jesus Christ who was in need of seeing the light and mercy and compassion of Jesus in human skin.

Not just a touching testimony, is it? A loving reminder for us all of God’s unfathomable love and of our need to take His love and extend it to a world in need of Him.

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